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Bonnie Oct 25, 2016 867 views

Is biology the right choice?

I am currently in community college to complete my prerequisites for a biology major. I want to transfer to UC Davis or Cal Poly Pomona because I want to become a veterinary technician and then later on advance into a veterinarian. However, I am finding chemistry to be a really difficult...

Hadi’s Avatar
Hadi Feb 22, 2017 1233 views

What kind of things should be done to improve the effectiveness of studying?

I'd like to get the answer as a college student.
Thank you. #studying-tips #effectiveness

Wanda’s Avatar
Wanda Jan 18, 2018 843 views

#college-transfer, How can I make it more enjoyable and smoothly for myself to transfer to another school?

#college-transfer It is so a dainty task to transfer from one school to another with all the paperwork involved. Schools should make it easier for students to do so. They always make the transfer students feel like freshmen right out of high school instead of professional students with experience!

Nikolet’s Avatar
Nikolet Nov 30, 2020 477 views

Do I really know what I want to do?

I’m scared I might change my decision last minute in the later future. #nervous

John’s Avatar
John Dec 03, 2020 1135 views

What’s the education needed to become an Anesthesiologist?

I am a 10th grader and have just gone through the process of planning out what I want to do for my next year in high school. I’ve been talking with my counselor about what path I want to take and have decided on Medical. I want to be an Anesthesiologist in the future but I do not know what...

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Dec 03, 2020 681 views

How many classes are necessary to go to college?

What classes are needed for colleges and jobs?
#college #jobs #classes #work

Angela’s Avatar
Angela Dec 04, 2020 856 views

What are the best websites to study for ACT and SAT?

#test #study #websites #sat #act

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Dec 01, 2020 1056 views

How do I know what career I will love and excel in?

My name is Meg and I excel more at writing and speech vs math and science. I love giving people advice, being creative/improvisational, helping/uplifting others, and entertaining people. My passion is making people laugh and connecting with others. I have in the past wanted to pursue...

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Dec 01, 2020 5388 views

Best extracurriculars for Psychology major?

I am in a community college studying psychology and want to apply to many great schools by the time I transfer! I am interested in getting my masters to become a clinical psychologist or educational counselor after undergrad. However, during the time I am in community college now, I want to...

Estrella’s Avatar
Estrella Oct 19, 2020 472 views

how many years you have to study for this career? What's the yearly salary? What's the hardest thing have u done or seen during your career? Is it hard to find a job after you finish the college? How is the daily environment in your job? How were you sure that you wanted to be/study this career?

#nutritionist #surgeons

Hanan’s Avatar
Hanan Nov 19, 2020 750 views

Is the new COVID college grading policy beneficial or harmful?

As a pre med student, I was wondering if the new grading policy (pass/fail versus A,B,C) would be beneficial for me or harmful?

#pre-med #college-admissions #undergraduate #GivingisCaring

William’s Avatar
William Nov 20, 2020 546 views

areas of shortage qualified people

Anyone else notice areas that need qualified people have either expensive tests to take, expensive books, complicated or just not really good for everyone to go for? Ex. Cyber security certification entry level test comptia about $100 to take the test if I recall correctly. But CISSP a few...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Aug 15, 2018 925 views

Would I be able to work in a hospital as a pre-med student?

#student #pre-med #college-student

Hanan’s Avatar
Hanan Nov 19, 2020 665 views

Is anxiety during medical processes normal?

Doctors often have to do invasive procedures such as surgery, which can be bloody and unsettling. how do pre-medical students/residents get used to the feeling of doing these types of invasive procedures?

#GivingisCaring #medicine #college #pre-med

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Nov 16, 2020 673 views

Were you able to get job experience or do research in your field while in college? How can I find those opportunities?

Office Hours #2: SDSU College Student Panel This question was posed by a question during one of our most recent "CareerVillage Office Hours" sessions. During Office Hours sessions, we invite students to pose questions related to a specific topic. In this case, the topic was college life. If...