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Cato Mar 25, 2022 301 views

Is it easy to find a job with a business finance major?

Is it easy to find a job with a business finance major?

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Simon Mar 28, 2022 237 views

Does what college you go to matter?

Looking to apply for CS, and wondering if whatever college is suitable for this. Will it affect my chances in succeeding

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Shi Apr 13, 2021 381 views

How should I organize my time as a junior in high school? Should I be actively trying to intern at different places?

I am a junior in high school and do not participate in a lot of extracurricular activities. #high-school #high-school-students #internships

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Elise Jun 18, 2021 1480 views

What is the best way to 'ace' an interview?

#interviews #job-application #career

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DD Jul 19, 2021 412 views

Business as a career

Do MBAs from highly notable universities like Stanford , Harvard , etc . add to the salaries you get .
Also , can they help in better promotions alongside your hardwork? #business #college

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Joseph Jun 24, 2021 559 views

what tools you need in cyber security

#technology #information-technology #cyber-security #programming

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Tyrone Jun 04, 2021 299 views

Did you ever wanted to give up on college because of how long it is?


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Joshua May 20, 2021 391 views

What are some interview tips for a High school graduate?

#high-school #high-school-students #career

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Eugene Nov 20, 2020 462 views

How can I continue my education outside of college?

I am a nurse and want to work in compliance. #medicine

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Donovan Mar 18, 2021 438 views

Is the job market good for education and training?

I am a middle school student and I took a quiz in class that told me education and training would be a good career choice for me. #school #student #graduate-school #high-school-classes #college #education #training

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isabella Mar 19, 2021 721 views

What are the best first jobs to get at 16-18

I’m looking to find out what are the best mainstream first jobs with a good work environment that are easy to work in and are good for first time workers. Like highest pay, ones that give you the most experience, but not too high pressure or high stress environments. Thanks! :) #work #firstjobs

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Christie Mar 25, 2020 900 views

Given the increased need to work from home, I was wondering what sort of factors should I keep in mind while finding/working in an online/virtual internship?

I'm specifically interested in finance, consulting, and non profit work

#internship #finance #consulting #nonprofit #COVID-19

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RONG Jul 19, 2020 479 views

How to continue study while stay with a Toddler during the Covid-19 pademic?

#COVID-19 #Childcare #selfstudy #exper #mechanical #technical #JULY20