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Tom Foster

Freelance Writer with a lot of life experience
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Forest Grove, Oregon
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neville’s Avatar
neville May 31 451 views

which career choice is suitable for a creative?

love creative works

Layla’s Avatar
Layla May 31 458 views

How do I publish my first novel?

How do I know where to start and how to plan?

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea May 21 355 views

How can I better incorporate my photography with symbolism?

Im in 8th grade and have been taking photographs in a portfolio for a while, and I also like to write. But when I try to take pictures, I want to create a bigger meaning. How can I do that?

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 21 307 views

Can I publish a Short Story or Novel at my age(14)? And can I make some money off of it?

I like to write short stories and I am now writing a book. Is it possible to produce and make money off of it? And can I even publish it at my age(14)?

Dorothy’s Avatar
Dorothy May 21 303 views

How did you develop your writing style?

I'm going through imposter syndrome-- with writing. I feel like my writing in general has improved substantially since I first started taking it seriously, but I feel
like it's not authentically me. What are some tips for young writers developing their writing style and voice?


Shemye’s Avatar
Shemye May 11 380 views

How can you write a magazine article?

How best can a person write a magazine article?

hayden’s Avatar
hayden May 08 426 views

how did you know what to write?

I'm stuck and dont know what to do

Mhiz Benny’s Avatar
Mhiz Benny Apr 25 447 views

I would love to explore writing on my own digitally but am feeling the need to go to college and get a degree,would that make a difference?


Lex’s Avatar
Lex Apr 24 289 views

What do screenwriters do (their full job) ?

What do screenwriters do? Do they just write scripts or come up with the movie/ show idea and write for the script? Also who do they work with? Like directors, producers.

Kieran’s Avatar
Kieran Apr 17 731 views

How can I get started in freelance writing?

I'm a high school senior who is graduating high school who is looking to make money to help pay my college tuition and my only experience is writing essays for class

Mhiz Benny’s Avatar
Mhiz Benny Mar 23 677 views

I love writing and I really want to explore writing,how do I start ?

I love writing and I really want to explore writing,how do I start ?

AMYT’s Avatar
AMYT Mar 06 735 views

Where do you find work as a beginner editor?

i want to start editing, do people start off on craigslist and such?

Jolin’s Avatar
Jolin Feb 28 137 views

What type of jobs are there available with an archeology degree in the world?

I'm thinking of pursuing history, but I am. concerned about what jobs I would be doing in the future.

elizabeth’s Avatar
elizabeth Feb 27 702 views

Is being funny important in creative writing? If so, how? And how can I learn to be more funny with my writing?

Hello, I'm trying to be more creative and entertaining with my writing.

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Feb 18 1245 views

What is an essay format that could make my writing sound more convincing ?

Please be specific on format.