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Yerin Nov 22, 2016 1566 views

What is the average year salary for people in the marketing industry?

I'm interested in the marketing industry- marketing management, advertising, etc. I'd like to now if the marketing industry jobs have sufficient amount of payment of their jobs. #marketing #advertising #marketing-and-advertising #marketing-communications #online-advertising #digital-advertising

Yerin’s Avatar
Yerin Nov 22, 2016 1802 views

What are some websites for volunteering activities for marketing and advertising for High School students?

I've constantly researched about volunteering work of marketing and advertising for high school students, but no official websites shown came out. Please help me find some websites; I want to have some experience doing advertising or marketing work so that I can learn more pursue my career...

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella Aug 12, 2016 1642 views

What are some major parts of having a job in marketing?

I think I may be interested in pursing marketing in college #career #career-counseling #marketing #marketing-and-advertising

Marcos’s Avatar
Marcos May 19, 2016 1230 views

Does getting a degree in Photography branch out into usable skills like videography?

I am wondering what my options are with a one-dimensional degree to branch out into other fields like mass communications or the movie industry. #film #television #videography #movie-production #personal-development #career-details

Audrey’s Avatar
Audrey May 27, 2016 1407 views

How important is attending film school in boosting one's chance of breaking into the film/television industry? I've heard debates on both sides but am still undecided as to whether it is a good investment.

I have been accepted into a prestigious film school that will require me and my parents to take on loans in order to meet the half of the tuition/board. Would it be better to major in a more lucrative area and try to do film on the side? I already have had experience in screenwriting,...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 21, 2016 1101 views

What is one thing you wish you had taken the opportunity to learn in college before beginning a career in music/film?

I attend Chapman University, a renowned film school in southern California, and there are many opportunities to learn about both film and music. However there is no real major or minor pertaining to what I'd like to do (music supervision), and so I am simply a business major and film music...

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela May 17, 2016 1296 views

When can I start to apply for internships inside the Film Studies field?

This question is because there are many internships for film majors but some of them ask for certain experience or will be admitted once the applicant had completed at least half of its bachelor. Is this the case for every internship or most of them? #film #internship #studies #cinematography...

Kamryn’s Avatar
Kamryn May 13, 2016 1092 views

What types of class would you recommend taking to become a film director? Would you suggest traveling abroad for a semester?

I would like to know what classes to take to better my college experience and give me the best opportunities and skills to be a successful film director. #business #art #film #travel #classes #movies

Maria’s Avatar
Maria May 07, 2016 1354 views

What job appeals to extremely outgoing and creative people?

I want to do something in a field that makes me happy and allows me to be myself but while still making money, but it seems that jobs in 2020 that are availbale don't appeal to people in artsy careers or design fields. #design #film #graphics #fine-art #video #creativity

Kamryn’s Avatar
Kamryn May 13, 2016 1337 views

How easy is it to break into the film industry as one a female and two an Asian?

I am currently on the track of being a film student, and when I graduate I would like to get a job working for a film industry. However I would like to know hard much of a challenge it will be. #art #film #movies #cinematography #camera #business-art

Emma-ly’s Avatar
Emma-ly Mar 24, 2015 5706 views

What is a typical day for a Media producer?

I want to go into film or television production and I would like to know of the challenges and satisfactorily within the day in the life of a film or television producer. #film #television #media #producer #media-production

Jesus ’s Avatar
Jesus Feb 25, 2015 11028 views

What is it like being a video editor?

I am a sophomore in high school, and I really enjoy making videos for projects. I always enjoy making bloopers, and using the effects on the program iMovie to make them. I want to try bigger and better programs like Adobe Premiere, where you have a lot of things you could do. I want to know is...