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Leland, North Carolina
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Zayne Jan 11 1358 views

How do you find a job or an opportunity based on the skills your good at?

For example if your good at drawing how could that apply to finding the right job. more specifically without a college education. Especially if you've already graduated from high school. I've been out of school for a year now and I'm trying to figure out the right path for me

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Maryam Jan 05 909 views

How do I choose a better career for myself

Hi, I'm in grade 9 i like teaching but my parents want me to become a doctor how do choose the right career path

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Kaleb Jan 08 861 views

how would i progress fast on my career? what if i wanna live in another country with this career? how often will i be exposed to hights?

so i wanna move to utah after im done with apprenticeship and other states, eventually norway, i wanna progress the career ladder and become get a masters in electrical, i dont necessarily do well with hights but i will do then but how would i get over it?

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Robert Jan 09 1504 views

what are your hours like

what are your hours like

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Meena Jan 11 1931 views

How to choose the right career?

Hi, I'm 15years old grade 9th student. I want to be a doctor but my parents want me to be an engineer. How can I choose the right career for myself?

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Vega Jan 11 738 views

What is your future career?

What are your long-term career goals and how are you planning to achieve them?What do you think are the most important skills to develop in order to succeed in your chosen career field?

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Donovan Jul 04, 2022 978 views

How should I go about connecting with people in my field?

Hello, I am a student enrolled in Cascades Job Corps, studying a trade in IT. I plan on going into the software-dev field, and I'm looking for advice on how to connect with others that have been through similar career paths. Thank you!

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 26, 2022 1116 views

Does your workplace value your mental health?

It might be a silly question but I'm genuinely curious about people's prospect. This is all because you're replaceable once you're 6 ft under so why not take care of your mental health?

Apongnwie’s Avatar
Apongnwie Jul 23, 2022 627 views

How to have a remote job

I am a student residing in Africa precisely Cameroon, I just unable to afford my tuition due to internal displacement. Please I need help how can I have a remote job like data entry (excel) that can help me finance my studies in order to attain my dreams of becoming an accountant?

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Anel Jun 12, 2022 513 views

How to choose right company to job shadow

I want to use my Gap year to volunteer/job shadow at a tech business before going to college. How do I know I chose the right one to shadow.