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Jamie Sep 30 139 views

What characteristics are important for a doctor?

I want to go into the medical field.

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Tyler Jan 22, 2021 298 views

What age should I know my career path?

Very organized and quick thinker, goal oriented just haven't found the 10+ year goal. #age #career

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Amarie Sep 13 142 views

Registered Nurse..

What do you find most difficult about being a nurse?

someone’s Avatar
someone Sep 08 321 views

what will I encounter?

what will I encounter in psychology as my major in college?
is it worth taking psychology?

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Samira Aug 27 183 views

Law or medicine?

I don’t know what to do as I love the debating side of law for justice (which I absolutely enjoy and is a natural talent for me) but I love medicine as I am always interested in helping out any family members or anyone out if they are in pain. For instance, my mum has really bad lower back pain...

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Samira Aug 27 145 views

Does law or medicine give more freedom?

With my current choosing of what field I’d like to pursue, freedom is quite important for me as I’d also like to pursue acting and modelling. What field will give more freedom of time to do this?

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Demi Jul 14 299 views

What does it take to become a Sports Medicine Doctor?

What does it take to become a Sports Medicine Doctor? Also, what is a good major in college to study for this career?

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Ziaire Jul 19 209 views

My question is to become a Veterinarian Doctor, What classes do you suggest that I need to take ?

I would like to own my own practice any information you can give me on this subject will be truly helpful. Also they have programs to help to take care of the animals or do it all comes out of the owner pocket?