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Rock Hill, South Carolina
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I want to be a director, and make my my own projects and be independent

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Orion Jan 10 791 views

How can I improve my Channel?

I've been trying to improve my YouTube, I started with working on editing, and I know that you can never truly master it, but im working on it. I mainly want to know what I can improve besides editing. The more I'm learning the happier I feel about my channel, I was just wondering if there is...

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Orion Oct 25, 2023 634 views

How Do We Take Pictures Of Our Band That Look Professional?

How would we go about taking pictures of our band, we want something professional that we can post to our social media accounts to get more interaction out of our audience, we don't know wether we should pay a photographer to take pictures of us, or if its something our buddies could do with...

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Orion Oct 25, 2023 564 views

How do I find a local singer for my band?

I've put together a band recently that is going to be very 80s rock music, the only issue is that we can't find a singer, we have everything else we need. We just can't seem to find that guy or girl if you get what I'm trying to say. Anyway I was just wondering if anyone had any advice as to...

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Orion Aug 22, 2023 827 views

how do you get started as a band photographer?

I want to be a photographer for concerts, but I have no idea on how to get started, what would you say are the best tips for getting started in doing something like that. :)

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Orion Jan 23, 2023 390 views

How do I start a clothing Brand?

Im currently in school and have just started my brand, I have already got my domain, and I have made two sales. What are the best things to do to grow orders.

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Orion Dec 06, 2022 376 views

How do you get a "set" as a low budget film maker?

I'm looking to get a set location to film, but I don't know where to start seeing as it is a very low budget project any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Orion Dec 06, 2022 413 views

What is the best lighting options for stopmotion?

I have done a few stop motion projects, but I can never seem to find the sweet spot when it comes to lighting, and I'm looking to improve and see what I can do to give them the "realistic" look, without taking away all shadows. Any advice on what would be the best?

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Orion Nov 09, 2022 318 views

As I'm slowly learning more about film, what is the best camera I should save up for?

As I stated in my last question I currently record everything on an Iphone Xr, after reading all the responses I decided that I'm gonna save up my money and buy a good camera the only question is what camera should I get, I've heard really good things about Cannon, But I'm still not sure which...

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Orion Nov 07, 2022 380 views

Do I need an expensive camera to make it in film?

I currently use an iPhone Xr as my camera to record with, I'm currently wondering whether or not I need to save up all my money and invest in something expensive, or if a Phone camera will work.

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Orion Nov 03, 2022 343 views

How should I get into film as a freshman?

What should I do as a freshman in highschool to practice film and set me up for a career in the industry?