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Rue Apr 23 102 views

How do I apply for internships?

I’m not sure where to start.

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Bella Apr 22 293 views

What can I do with a degree psychology ?

I'm thinking of majoring in psychology when I get into college. But, I don't know what jobs I could get with a psychology degree other than a psychiatrist. What jobs can I get with a psychology degree, maybe jobs involving more criminal psychology?

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Breahna Apr 07 177 views

What is a good job for a high schooler to get?

I love working with children and pets but a lot of people pay college students for that. I'm looking for a good part time job to work after school hours.

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Al Apr 07 268 views

If I'm really good at math and many grade levels ahead of my peers and others my age, whats the best degree to go into college with and what are some good jobs for me to do?

If I'm really good at math and many grade levels ahead of my peers and others my age, whats the best degree to go into college with and what are some good jobs for me to do?

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Isabella Apr 07 211 views

How should I go about making my art portfolio? What should be included?

11th Grade
Career related interests:
Drawing,painting, collaging, etc.

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Laura Apr 07 329 views

How do you decide what to do?

How do you decide what to do with your life? I don’t know what I want to major in and do with my life. How does one determine what they’re passionate about?

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Belle Mar 03 145 views

Should I apply to graduate school this cycle?

Should I apply to P.h.D programs this year ? I came into undergrad with an associate I earned in high school, so I was quite fast tracked. I started Fall '22 and I will be graduating Fall '23. I am wanting to pursue a career as a psychologist, but I am unsure if I should apply yet. I have a...

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A'zaaria Mar 03 218 views

What classes should I take when I do Dual Enrollment?

For my next school year, I plan on pursuing Dual enrollment and was wondering what classes I should take. The courses that I thought would be good for my future career (Cardiologist) Health Care providers/assistance, Health information management, Health Leisure physical education, Health...

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Jolee Mar 03 172 views

As a therapist, do you believe you should have your own therapist?

Anyone who is a therapist carries lots of weight on their shoulders. Do you believe it's beneficial for a therapist to have a therapist?

I know there are laws that state you cannot disclose what people tell you, but how do you handle these difficult topics?

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 03 137 views

How do I learn to stand out in a team atmosphere?

This question is part of our professionals series

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Jolee Mar 03 203 views

As someone starting off in the career world, how do I come off as most professional at a young age?

older people seem to have a sense of seniority, but everyone starts somewhere. Where do beginners start, and what can we do to up our professionalism in the workforce?

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Isabella Mar 03 221 views

What is the bestthing to do when applying to college?

As a student that is graduating a year early and also doing dual enrollment I just want to be as prepared as I can be going off and applying to different schools

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Aislin Mar 03 150 views

What high school courses help prepare for a job in criminology?

I just want to know what to expect and what I need to know in high school