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Golden, Colorado

Within 40 mile radius
yanet’s Avatar
yanet Nov 30 78 views

What kind of classes do I need to take to become a lawyer? And what should i major in?

Do internships help?

liky’s Avatar
liky Nov 28 64 views

What can I expect from Student Teaching as an Elementary Education Major?

What can I expect from Student Teaching as an Elementary Education Major?

Levi’s Avatar
Levi Sep 27 141 views

What should my ideal grades be?

What should I do, I would like to go into a medical field later in my life along with going into an ivy league school considering that my question is what should my ideal grades for middle and high school be.

Rylee’s Avatar
Rylee Sep 26 194 views

Starting a career

How do I start a career at beauty stores without being certified or having experience? How do I do good in job interviews without having any experience?

Alana’s Avatar
Alana Sep 23 148 views

What would be the best financial steps after graduating high school?

Would it be good to get a credit card? Do a part time job while being in college?

Reyaa’s Avatar
Reyaa Sep 05 143 views

How can we secure a shadow or research opportunity when it isn't openly available?

I mostly need help securing ones related to the field of business and engineering.

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Sep 04 312 views

Should you do a 3D printing business or a Car Rental business?

Due to the high demand of 3D printing, I have seen multiple 3D printing companies gain a lot of attraction and profit from it. But since it is becoming more and more popular, more 3D printing companies are coming out and I feel like if you don’t get into it right now, a lot of entrepreneurs and...

Reyaa’s Avatar
Reyaa Sep 03 149 views

Are there any good engineering or business related remote/hybrid internships out there, it's tough finding one for highschoolers?

I've used LinkedIn but there seems to not be much out there big or small companies work as long as they accept sophomore highschoolers, and it's remote!

Reyaa’s Avatar
Reyaa Sep 03 126 views

What are a few things that will help increase the chances of being accepted into an ivy league?

My dream school is Princeton and I've been working to get internships and other experiences to potentially get a good spike, and also taking classes related to the majors engineering and business, what are your thoughts?

Dalynn’s Avatar
Dalynn Aug 29 125 views

How good does your high school/collage resume have to be?

How good does your high school/collage resume have to be?

Massiel’s Avatar
Massiel Aug 29 188 views

I want to get an internship in a UI/UX Design role, but everything I find are senior roles or min.5 year experience. I don't know how else to get experience unless it's through Freelance, but then that way I won't learn much. Any leads or suggestions on how to make this happen?

Current UI/UX Design student, with Industrial design and Visual Merchandising background.

S’s Avatar
S Aug 22 209 views

How high should I shoot for my colleges or universities to apply for Is anything too far or too close??

I don’t think there can be any too far colleges but it depends on the applicant and which colleges applications they want to pay for.

Farmata’s Avatar
Farmata Aug 19 192 views

Hello I was wondering how I could start my career as a Travel Nusre early and how I can get into a good college when my school doesn't offer that many extracurriculars or activities?

I am a freshman and want to take college classes next year as well as graduate early as well as taking all honers Thank you.

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Aug 15 173 views

What do cyber security analyst actually do in the office?

I've met quite a few people who are cyber security analysts, but I have no idea what that means. A little help?

Andy’s Avatar
Andy Aug 14 103 views

How do I get my small business to start selling a lot more ?

How do I get my small business to take off

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