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andy’s Avatar
andy Jul 25, 2023 255 views

What should I do for my sat?

What should i do in order to prepare for college. I am preparing for the sat and i would like to know what other tests i should prepare for. I really want to succeed

maria’s Avatar
maria Jul 22, 2023 352 views

How do you know you made a good decison on what to study for college?

When do you know what you actually want to do after college? For example, let's say I have options but I can't really decide between which one I would like more for my future.

Keren’s Avatar
Keren Jul 20, 2023 545 views

How do you know what amount to set for your salary?

What are the interviewers actually asking? How do you know if something isn't enough as an entry-level position?

Angie’s Avatar
Angie Jul 15, 2023 421 views

Where do I start ?

What could I do to start my career after I get my GED? Am I able to go to college if I get it still ? Will I be able to build a career still if I’m 19 and barely getting my plans together ?

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Jul 14, 2023 387 views

How do you pay for college classes using financial aid? How do you obtain financial aid?

I am planning on attending online college classes at south mountain community college. My student orientation is this week but I'm a bit confused on how financial aid works. My college classes will be for general business.

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Jun 21, 2023 326 views

How can I get scholarships in college

Hi, my name is Addison and I am about to be a freshman in high school. I am wondering what I can do to help myself towards getting a scholarship in college

Dania’s Avatar
Dania Jun 21, 2023 223 views

What are some of the main distractions faced when trying to pursue your dream (I want to be a psychologist ) For instance , getting distracted by a person being a bad influence or you just trying to party every night like a normal college adult or anything in general also, what are some tips you have for those trying to live in the college dorm? ?

some knowledge I have about this is for example, try to get help on your food expenses because it really gets expensive. But I would like to know more about this because I plan to live in my college dorm when I get there wait to go.

Isoline’s Avatar
Isoline Jun 21, 2023 273 views

How do I decide specifically what job I want?

How do I determine what specific job I want. Like there are a lot of different jobs that would be fitting for me but I can’t decide?

lauren’s Avatar
lauren Jun 21, 2023 255 views

What should I look for when applying to college? When should I start applying? ?

What should I look for when applying to college? When should I start applying?

Akeem’s Avatar
Akeem Jun 20, 2023 379 views

What is the process of getting a professional job when you get out of college?

What is the process of getting a professional job when you get out of college?

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Jun 20, 2023 492 views

How can I break into consulting as a sophomore in college with no prior experience?

I am a sophomore at Gonzaga and my major is Accounting. I want to explore careers in consulting, but need some guidance on how to get there.