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Semaj Aug 26, 2023 425 views

How to make money as a teenager ?

How to make money as a teenager ?

Bri’s Avatar
Bri Jul 30, 2023 315 views

College prep?

How do I prepare for college? Senior year is approaching, which means college tours, meetings, and applications. I don't know where to begin with it all. I know what I want to go to school for (marine biology) but I don't know what steps to take to get me there.

lexie’s Avatar
lexie Jul 31, 2023 239 views

whats a good christian college?

whats a good college for a christian college
i really want to go to union but idk if ill get in

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Anne Jul 30, 2023 230 views

What doe it entail being a history professor at college level ?

Hopefully medieval history. Just curious.

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Livia Jul 27, 2023 288 views

What is your best advice for deciding which college best fits you?

There’s good schools but how am I sure if they’re best for me specifically?

Dhriti’s Avatar
Dhriti Jul 24, 2023 366 views

How do I find scholarships? How do I have a chance to win them?

Hi! Scholarships are hard to find and when I do find them they are usually for seniors or juniors. I want to start my scholarship search early. Please help me. Thank you🩷

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Leslie Jul 24, 2023 371 views

How do I find a high paying job?

Not sure how to get a good paying job for college when i’m only 18.

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Chris Oct 06, 2021 407 views

how many degrees will it take to achieve the statues of a historian

#history #stories

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Gabriela Jul 23, 2023 258 views

How long does it take to become a pediatrician, and how would I be able to establish my own clinics?

I am looking to be a pediatrician in the future and I want to know how long it takes and how I can make my own clinics.

Hayley’s Avatar
Hayley Jul 20, 2023 316 views

What do I need to do to even like anything about school?

Name is hayle I'm in 10th grand an don't like school that much

mallorie’s Avatar
mallorie Jul 20, 2023 2842 views

what degree do I need to start a daycare?

I love working with children and I have done research on it and I can't find much like what colleges I should go to how to gain experience and where I should start.

Pragnya’s Avatar
Pragnya Jul 19, 2023 321 views

How do I write a college essay specific to one college ("why this college") How do I write one that showcases my unique interests? ?

I am a current senior in High school. I would like to get a neuroscience major. I like nature a lot and music has helped me with my mental health stability. I sometimes feel like I don't know how to put my thoughts into words, how can I improve on that?

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Jul 19, 2023 452 views

How do I figure out what career to pursue?

As a follow up question, once you figure out what you want to do, how do you figure out how to get there?

SHARI’s Avatar
SHARI Jul 18, 2023 278 views

When should I start saving for college?

College is expensive and I’m not sure if I’m able to get financial aid or scholarships, so when should I start saving?

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Jul 16, 2023 392 views

What programs are there for free or at low cost?

I am autistic and a person of color. I would like to find a veterinary study abroad programs that are affordable for me in countries like germany, Norway,Denmark, Iceland,etc