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Ana Dec 29, 2023 1358 views

Failed vet tech, whats next?

When starting college, I decided to do into the veterinary technology route. However, after failing both anatomy and physiology, I'v decided it would e best for me to change majors. Ive wanted to be a vet tech my whole life so now I feel completely stumped as to what to do next. I am...

Gnoraine’s Avatar
Gnoraine Sep 18, 2023 366 views

What is the best career path I can take?

what is the best career path for me?

Brenna’s Avatar
Brenna Sep 18, 2023 346 views

What is the best place for a CMA to work?

Im a CCMA (Certified clinical medical assistant) and I was wondering what type of office or clinical settings would be best to work or to start out in?

Emile’s Avatar
Emile Sep 12, 2023 363 views

How can I get a job in cybersecurity before I graduate and what steps should I begin taking?

I am a first-year community college student.
I like video games

mel’s Avatar
mel Sep 08, 2023 616 views

Getting a good job...?

Is having a bachelors degree enough to get a good, stable job? (I'm thinking of majoring in computer information)

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Sep 08, 2023 1199 views

What volunteer areas or simple jobs in health care or pharmacy labs are there for a 15-year-old ?

I know there are probably not a lot of healthcare jobs for 15-year-olds, but anything related to healthcare, that does not need to be in a hospital or lab setting is okay. Finding job opportunities and volunteer areas to advance in the career I want to do. Thanks.

Amiya’s Avatar
Amiya Sep 08, 2023 628 views

When it comes to joining the military, going to college, and having a dream job, what could be the best advice to do first What's the best thing for me to do start as soon as I graduate high school or take a break??

I am currently taking dual classes to help me with my college. I'm in many programs and applied for my SAT test. I'm taking classes to help me get my nursing more advanced when I graduate high school.

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Sep 08, 2023 326 views

What jobs are there for a 13-year-old aside from the typical dog-walking and lawnmowing?

I am a 13-year-old and I am looking for a way to make money before I am old enough to get a real job. I am also trying to build life and job skills through whatever activity I may find. If anyone has any ideas, please respond!

ally’s Avatar
ally Sep 06, 2023 179 views

Pre-med and college

What should I go into college knowing about being pre-law?

snehal’s Avatar
snehal Sep 06, 2023 470 views

how do i choose my career?

career planning, designer

Yvette’s Avatar
Yvette Sep 06, 2023 328 views

What is the current outlook on Healthcare nowadays?

I am a high school senior

Juanita’s Avatar
Juanita Sep 06, 2023 154 views

How easy was the schooling for a job in cybersecurity ?

College majors needed for a job in cybersecurity and how easy they are

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Sep 06, 2023 491 views

What are the credentials for for being a business manager ?

I am a junior in high school.

anthony’s Avatar
anthony Sep 06, 2023 189 views

What tools of the trade should I be familiar with?

I'm currently at Loring Job Corps to get training in Cisco. I'm later planning on take both Advance training programs: Cyper Security Ops and Advance Computer Systems Administration.

Pradip’s Avatar
Pradip Sep 06, 2023 167 views

what are the options available after by graduation in computer ?

options after btech in computer i have