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Mayra May 23 523 views

How do I navigate University as a first generation student ?

How difficult is University when entering as a Freshman, I am a first gen and I feel lost on knowing just what to expect? Please be specific about needs

stephanie’s Avatar
stephanie Apr 11 457 views

How to sell yourself in the interview and ask questions in a short interview?

I have an interview coming up and they told me instead of 30 mins they are really booked up and it will be shortened to 15,20 mins only. How can I really make a good impression on that time instead of the 30 minutes I would've had.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Feb 12 956 views

How to become a travel agent?

Lend your expertise: what does it take to become a travel agent?

Note: Given the growing interest in the travel agent field, we're inviting our experienced professionals to share their knowledge.

Moonlight’s Avatar
Moonlight Jan 07 697 views

How do I learn 6th grade math easier?

How do I learn to do 6th grade math better? I've always struggled and when their are to many steps. How can i simplify this math?

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 05 730 views

Is kinesiology or child development better for a high school student looking into medicine?

I'm selecting my 9th grade classes. I have no idea if other schools do this, but we have to create a "career plan" and select classes for all four years of high school. Between the classes of kinesiology (my high school's course catalog defines it as studying the effects of exercise on the body...

Cedric’s Avatar
Cedric Jan 04 788 views

What is the first step when it comes to finding a good job as an teen?

I'm an teen looking to find a job so I can start making my own money

hyuma’s Avatar
hyuma Nov 23, 2023 380 views

How do I make money as high schooler?

I am 10th grade and I want to prioritize education for my future career but I have this trip I want to go to that cost $5000 and I have to pay for everything but work seems to much since I already have education so I am lost on what I should do.

Alden’s Avatar
Alden Nov 16, 2023 674 views

What is the smartest thing to do while in high school to succeed in college and later in your first job?

What is the smartest thing to do while in high school to succeed in college and later in your first job?

Keiry’s Avatar
Keiry Nov 05, 2023 388 views

What are some good jobs to start out in while High School?

I want money and I want to find a job

reed’s Avatar
reed Oct 31, 2023 496 views

How do i make the world better place?

i feel like because of human activity it made the world worse and i hope it gets better soon and we should care about the environment more.

Maggie’s Avatar
Maggie Oct 22, 2023 430 views

how do I find a job to work at

I am in college and I need a job to make money for food to eat.

Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha Oct 16, 2023 646 views

What should I do if I want to enter the modeling industry at a young age?

I know i need a portfolio

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 06, 2023 528 views

What is it like being a psychologist ?

I’m interested in doing something in a field like that and I love science what classes can I take to help get there.

danny’s Avatar
danny Oct 08, 2023 367 views

how could i follow my dreams of being a psychotherapist?

i need tips on how to start studying the topic early. how does it take to become a psychotherapist? how much money could i make? any tips on how to study better?

Maricela’s Avatar
Maricela Sep 16, 2023 419 views

What are some spots to study?

What is your favorite spot to study? Could be libary