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Sonderick Jun 11 337 views

How do I become an mechanical engineer?

Im a guy in High School graduating next year at Kirtland Central High School, A career I would like to try and be is a Mechanical Engineer. One of my favorite classes was Honors Anatomy & Philology class.

James’s Avatar
James May 29 395 views

How can I cope with work and School ?

How can I cope with work and School

Freddy’s Avatar
Freddy May 29 287 views

What will the learning experience be like while I'm learning heavy equipment mechanic??

Will I be able to retain the information need to pursue my career?

Laila’s Avatar
Laila May 18 205 views

What is the pay as a beginner welder ?

Pay or Salary income

Kyaw’s Avatar
Kyaw May 16 274 views

What is the best way to start a career in the automotive engineering field?

I am a Job Corps student and I have some questions.

Lissette’s Avatar
Lissette May 13 488 views

What are some things that surprised you about the electrical line of work?

Job Corps student.

Mahalia’s Avatar
Mahalia Apr 29 235 views

What educational requirements would I need to certify as an HVAC Tech??

Job Corps Student

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Apr 29 206 views

How fast will I be able to develop my skills in welding sheet metal.What health benefits can I Acquire? What will employers look for during an interview? ?

I am a student at JobCorps studying to be a welder. I have nerve damage in my left hand so I am curious what health benefits i can obtain through welding. When I graduate and start looking for a job, I would like to catch the eye of future employers, what skills or traits are seeked?

ashton’s Avatar
ashton Apr 18 1074 views

how to choose a good career in collge?

career tips

Francis’s Avatar
Francis Apr 19 575 views

what is a good way to stay concentrated in school?

I am bad at concentrating and I tend to doze off in class without meaning to which leads to me missing info in classes

john’s Avatar
john Apr 19 404 views

What does it take to become a dentist?

Grade 11 in high school and would like to attend a four year college afterwards

Tester’s Avatar
Tester Apr 13 176 views

Why do employers want to find employees who fit a certain age category ?

Why why why?

Ernan’s Avatar
Ernan Apr 08 496 views

Is it a difficult job to do in welding?

Is it hard to put things together?

Edward’s Avatar
Edward Apr 12 248 views

How does it feel to transition careers midlife?

Thinking about people who are not sure about their career choices

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Xander Apr 08 408 views

Is being a stage performer worth it?

Hi, I'm an 11th (about to be 12th) grader trying to decide his career path. I've done stage performance since I was in pre-k and it has become something I need to express myself. I can't see myself without it in my life. However, my mom says I wouldn't be able to make a living off of it and...