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Jazzmin P. Mar 17, 2015 2524 views

Can I still become a journalist or work in that field, even if I study history in college?

I am a high school senior who wants to study history in college. I have been debating what career I might see myself in after college, and something with writing or journalism is one of them. #journalism...


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Rathaya M. Feb 15, 2016 815 views

What subjects do i need to apply for journalism in college

I am unsure about the subjects I have to take to do journalism and I would like to know what can I do to be outstanding from other student applications. #journalism #online-journalism #data-analysis #investigative-reporting...


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Sowmiya A. Apr 25, 2016 1200 views

How can I become an Editor at a Newspaper?

I like Narrating Stories ... and i like editing the stories ... so my wish to join as a editor in famous newspaper #journalism #editing #editor...


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Devonio L. May 03, 2016 570 views

What degrees should I get if I want to become a Journalist

I need to find a good...

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Peter A. May 13, 2016 554 views

Do I need a Masters college degree to advance in corporate news America?

I am trying to determine how I should attend college. #employee...


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Racinda G. May 19, 2016 749 views

Why is journalism important?

Ever since I was in the 6th grade ive wanted to become a Journalist. I have a strong passion for informing, researching and helping the commuity as best as I can. But, I have also realized that there is barely a demand for journalists. And anytime I express to anyone that this is my future they...

#mass-communications #online-journalism #science-journalism #broadcast-journalism #communications #journalism

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Evan C. May 24, 2016 643 views

Is it easier to get your own book published or to become a journalist for a newspaper/magazine?

I'm really conflicted about what I want to do in regards to my career. Like, the broad idea is pursue an occupation in the writing field, but I just wanted some advice over which one is considered easier. #journalism #writing #english #literature...


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Jade W. May 24, 2016 987 views

What are other available jobs for an English major besides teaching?

I want to major in English but don't want to be a teacher. Is there any other path I can take to use my degree? #journalism...


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Jakob R. Aug 21, 2016 681 views

Aside from interviews and basic research, what is the overall process like to gather information and report the story?

I am a high school student interested in the field of journalism. I would appreciate knowing how they get their information and what kind of sources they use to create a strong story for the public. #sports #journalism #sports-journalism...


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William F. Oct 23, 2016 901 views

What is the most rewarding thing about a career in journalism

I don't necessarily like to write but I have been told that I am good at it. I am trying to determine if being good at writing is the best way to judge if this is the career for me. #journalism #communications...


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Wyatt B. Oct 26, 2016 866 views
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Caleb N. Jan 09, 2017 505 views

What are some of the options for an undergrad with a BA in History?

I'll be graduating soon and there seems to be no real life options for someone with a BA in History except to press on towards a MA in History. I need a job and want one in this field. #history #historian #historical-research #biblical-history...


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Zachary R. Feb 09, 2017 557 views

What are some colleges that offer excellent preparatory courses in the fields of Political Science (with a focus on International Politics) or News-based Journalism/Communications?

I'm seeking to pursue a career as a Political Analyst or News Journalist, and I would like to know what institutions would best prepare me for success in those careers. #journalism #political-science #public-policy...


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Emily L. Feb 17, 2017 576 views