Career plans Saman has reviewed

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Shelyiah P. Apr 08, 2014 956 views

Does sports management make any money?

I'm asking because I'm interested and I don't want to go into a career and have no money. #sports-agent...


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Joseph N. Oct 28, 2014 1313 views

How can I get to the NBA?

I am in 8 th grade . I love the game of basketball. I want to go to the nba . #sports...


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Kristina M. Oct 30, 2014 1542 views

I've been introduced into SalesForce. Highly debating becoming certified. Is it worth it?

Being in a career search, I'm all over the place! I'm in IT right now, not quiet sure which direction I want to head in... #computer-engineering...


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Aliza H. Dec 16, 2014 2132 views

What are some good careers for people who know they love to travel and live in new places?

I aspire to lead an adventurous and creative life, and I find that many careers out there follow the "traditional" format for a career (meetings, working on a computer, etc.) I have been involved in many community service organizations that have allowed me to travel to places in South America...

#service #creativity #travel

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Daquan F. Mar 17, 2015 627 views

After graduating from college how do sports managers get the exposure that is desired in order to increase their clientele?

I am a high school senior that is getting ready to enter college and I'm very interested in sports management....


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Q L. Mar 17, 2015 1030 views
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James M. Mar 23, 2015 909 views

if you dont make it to the Leauge what is the best thing for you to do?

I want to play basketball as long as possible even if I don't make it to the NBA I still want to continue to play basketball and continue to grow as a player #basketball #athlete...


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Devin W. Mar 24, 2015 788 views

What are some classes that you recommend I take that align with Sports Entertainment and Marketing?

I am going to be a freshman in college this fall. I have always been interested in advertising and how sports plays a role in this industry. Ever since I went to Syracuse for a pre-college program last summer I have always been interested in the sports aspect of marketing. #sports #marketing...

#entertainment #advertising

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Ayren G. Jan 11, 2016 1343 views

what is the difference between majoring in business and majoring in marketing?

I want to either major in business or marketing, I thought they were the same but I dont know. #college #business...


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Elizabeth L. May 15, 2016 567 views

What career could I have with a major in psychology?

I have no idea what career to choose. I have taken a psychology class before and have enjoyed it but I don't know what career to pursue as a psychology major. Please help me. #psychology...


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Adam H. May 18, 2016 653 views

What is the best thing I can do outside of school to prepare for college and beyond?

Right now I am a high school student and am wondering what to do with what free time that I have. #degree...


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Reid P. Sep 28, 2017 932 views

How do I become a sports statistician?

My dream is to combine sports and math and this seems to be the occupation I feel I would enjoy most. I want to ensure that I will take the proper steps to get there. #sports #math #sportsstatistician...


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Tanya M. Feb 12, 2018 638 views

Should I apply for big company internships if I don't have previous internships relating to it?

Would it make sense to apply to somewhere like Sotheby's (art auction house) as a marketing or business development intern if I haven't done anything within the realms of art, or directly as a BD intern? #businessdevelopment #business...