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ISM Rep @ AT&T DirecTV
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Huntsville, Alabama
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Peter Dec 10, 2019 4844 views

What are the Similarities and differences between Drawing and painting

I'm working on a little essay project. Please answer as soon as possible. #art

mariah’s Avatar
mariah Aug 29, 2019 372 views

What do I have to look for as to getting a scholarship?

I am a senior in high school that is looking for an animator job. I do have a lower class family so this is really based on money. I don't really like asking for loans but I have to do what I have to do. I want to go to college but paying back the money. I am thinking about not going to college...

Marie’s Avatar
Marie Jan 17, 2018 981 views

How can you find your community in college?

I'm concerned that making lasting friendships will be much more difficult in college. I don't really want to participate in Greek life, and I'm not sure how many groups related to my religious and extracurricular interests will be available in college. I'm used to being around a small,...

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Jun 20, 2019 583 views

is there any type of dress code to work for office administration?

do i need to follow any specific type of uniform? #business

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Jul 23, 2019 1059 views

Do you have any regrets choosing to go into the medical field? Why or why not?

This question can be for anyone in the medical field but I'm specifically curious about nurse midwives.
#medicine #nursing #nurse #nurse-midwife

caya’s Avatar
caya Aug 06, 2019 1225 views

does being a clinical psychologist mess up your head?

I'm a very nice person and I like to help people. #clinical-psychology #psychology

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Aug 27, 2019 469 views

What kind of school would I need to go to for cosmetology?

I am 16 years old and a Junior in high school. I like to do and try different hairstyles on my sisters and my niece. I have always done my sisters hair growing up. #cosm #cosmetology

kihmo’s Avatar
kihmo Aug 27, 2019 553 views

What skills do bartenders need to have on their first day of work?

I love interacting with others and having a good time. I am very good with calculating money on the spot. #hospitality #bartending #job #money

Carylle’s Avatar
Carylle Aug 28, 2019 1204 views

If i could turn back in time, what would i tell my self to my younger self


Guiselle’s Avatar
Guiselle Aug 28, 2019 540 views

How much is math involved in Pharmacy?

I'm very helpful with peers.

Johnathan’s Avatar
Johnathan Aug 21, 2019 500 views

What certification do you get in welding?


Sheila’s Avatar
Sheila Aug 27, 2019 438 views

Which degree would I need to become a nurse?

I am 15 years old , i love doing math, helping others is the way to go.

kihmo’s Avatar
kihmo Aug 27, 2019 713 views

What are the most complicated obstacles in the bartending business?

#bartending #hospitality

kiana’s Avatar
kiana Aug 12, 2019 496 views

How do people advance in CNA ?

I am a current student looking for advice in the field I'm taking. #healthcare #internship

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 09, 2019 443 views

do i need anymore higher education to be in masonry

#job #money # life goals #future