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Business Executive | Opening the Doors of Power & Influence for Lasting Inclusive Change. Cross-Functional Doer & Cross Silo Collaborator | CFO
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Austin, Texas
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Trey’s Avatar
Trey Sep 07, 2023 346 views

How do i make enough money to pay my bills I’m only 16?

I’m 16 living on my own having to pay my own bills what do I do .like how do I make enough money to pay for the bills I’m only 16 living a hard life I just need some friendly advice on wht to do

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Aug 16, 2023 184 views

How important is your major in the Non-Profit sector?

I'm trying to decide on my major, I am between Public Relations, Political Science, and Anthropology. I would like to work on the political end of Non-Profits.

Mitansh’s Avatar
Mitansh Aug 15, 2023 645 views

What is a good finance college in California?

What is a good college for finance in California? I have a 4.16 GPA weighted.

J’s Avatar
J Aug 27, 2023 488 views

How will this help me in the long run to pass through life ?

How will this help me in the long run to pass through life ? I am currently in college now and everything seems to be going to quick for me. Please remind me why this is important.

Laila’s Avatar
Laila Aug 26, 2023 197 views

What dose this app do for people?

Dose this help high school students get money for school?

Aniya’s Avatar
Aniya Aug 28, 2023 359 views

what can i do better in school to build up a career in business?

I'm taking a few classes like criminals justice but i know that helps out with law what classes do you think help with business?

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Aug 20, 2023 544 views

How can I start looking for a job after college?

I am going to college soon and have not yet decided where or what for. But my main concern is how difficult it will be to find a career after graduating

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Aug 23, 2023 368 views

How, can I make more money efficiently and effectively?

I want to learn new ways of making money, and be able to make money efficiently and be successful in life.

Claire’s Avatar
Claire Jul 31, 2023 193 views

How do you get good scholarships?

For books and dorms

Hailey’s Avatar
Hailey Aug 15, 2023 329 views

How do I Budget my money so it spreads further?

For if there's a specific item I wish to own, or if my mother is short a few bucks on rent for bills, how can I budget my money to help her and buy items I'd like too?

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Aug 01, 2023 378 views

What are the most common college majors??

I’m interested in interior design or media design

CAYDEN’s Avatar
CAYDEN Aug 24, 2023 248 views

how do you get easy Money

how do you get easy money?

Isadora’s Avatar
Isadora Aug 21, 2023 239 views

how can I set a path to be successful at a young age?

I am 16
I want to start a business and be a young entrepreneur
any advice on certain books to read or habits that will help

Deylan’s Avatar
Deylan Aug 25, 2023 270 views

Though it’s late to start now, what can I do as a junior in Highschool to increase my chances to get into my dream college?

I’m Freshmen and sophomore year, I was very busy and I wasn’t able to get into any clubs or extracurriculars. As a junior, is there anything I can to that would look good on my college resume?

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Aug 24, 2023 1942 views

Are there any specific classes I should take in high school if I want to major in business?

I'm a junior btw.