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Ramsey P.’s Avatar
Ramsey P. Aug 03 191 views

What is it like working in HR?

A was browsing a list of careers on the internet, and I came across Human Resources. It definitely sparked my interest, so I did some more research. I could really see myself going into HR, but i would like a little more information. For example, what does a typical day consist of? Do you make...

#human #helping-others #business #human-resources #college #social-work

Kailey S.’s Avatar
Kailey S. Feb 21, 2019 262 views

Why do some kids act bad in school

Sometimes when I am in school studying, A random person just starts mouthing the teacher and talking back to the teacher. I do not see the reason for this after all they have done for us. Without them we would not be as smart as us kids would be now. That is my question I hope someone answers...

#badkids #teaching #education #teacher

jose M.’s Avatar
jose M. May 15, 2018 356 views

Can my state (Georgia) academic scholarship be used for other colleges out of georgia?

Many have told me that scholarships given by the state can only be used in colleges in the state. I had questions if this was true because some colleges near georgia might be able to take my scholarship. #collegebound...


Helen B.’s Avatar
Helen B. Mar 15, 2016 581 views

If you had to describe a person perfect for a career in investment management what would they be like and why?

I'm debating between a few careers so I'd like to know what type of person is perfect for a career in investment management so that I can figure out which career option suits me best. #finance #financial-services #investment-management...


Mackenzie T.’s Avatar
Mackenzie T. Aug 17, 2018 218 views

If I want to be a sports broadcaster what do I need to major in?

If I want to be a sports broadcaster what do I need to major in?...


Veronika M.’s Avatar
Veronika M. Aug 12, 2018 190 views

What schools are best for studying archeology?

I live in the state of Georgia and have been unable to find any schools that major in archeology. Where should I go to major in archeology? #majors #archeology # #college-major...


Justaney S.’s Avatar
Justaney S. Jan 20, 2018 398 views

Are internships a good thing to do while in high school and in college ?

My mom has some friends in the legal field and they've offered me the opportunity to intern with them so I can get "a feel" for the practice but I don't want to pick up something I might not want to do. #experiencelaw #legalintern #legal-studies #legal-services...


Carolyn S.’s Avatar
Carolyn S. Aug 16, 2018 195 views
Madison H.’s Avatar
Madison H. Oct 15, 2018 254 views
Lindsay   .’s Avatar
Lindsay . May 24, 2016 3416 views

Can you apply to the same college twice

Applying for early and regular admission #college #hbcu...


Shavone B.’s Avatar
Shavone B. Oct 09 50 views
Rebecca A.’s Avatar
Rebecca A. Jun 22, 2018 479 views

How should I prepare for a Consulting Case Interview?

I'm interested in management consulting. How should I prepare for the case portion of interview? I haven't taken any business classes, although I have taken micro economics and macro economics. #consulting #interviews #case-interview...


Perla G.’s Avatar
Perla G. Aug 16, 2018 183 views
Myan N.’s Avatar
Myan N. May 25, 2016 563 views

When you are certified to become a pediatrician, will you start right away as a pediatrician or will you have to go through the step ladder as an assistant, then nurse, then pediatrician doctor?

I would like to know if you go straight to become a pediatrician after medical school as you are certified or do you have to go through training at a doctor's office and be a nurse before actually treating patients as a pediatric doctor, since I would like to become a pediatrician. #doctor...

#medicine #pediatrics #pediatrician #career

Myan N.’s Avatar
Myan N. Jun 23, 2016 678 views

Which major will benefit me or prepare me to become a pediatrician?

I am currently a biology major but I researched around and it say you can major in anything and it will let you into medical school but I want to know which major will have the pre-med courses I need for medical school and help me to become a pediatrician. I am still lost about this. #college...

#pediatrics #biology #pre-med #majors #science #pediatrician #medicine

Preia E.’s Avatar
Preia E. Jan 18, 2018 233 views

How to become apart of a sorority ?

I want to know how to become apart of a sorority is because I'm thinking about joining one when I go to college #sorority...


Austin M.’s Avatar
Austin M. Aug 22, 2016 587 views

What degree other than sports management would be good to get a degree in to work in the front office of an NFL team?

I am asking this question because the I college I choose to attend may not have this exact degree so I am looking for other degrees that are similar to sports management. #management #sports...


Rachel S.’s Avatar
Rachel S. May 13, 2016 817 views

I am currently enrolled in Georgia Tech starting this fall, but I am a Global Economics major. Will my major limit my options because I chose to go to a technical school? Can I still have the opportunities an engineering student would have there?

I am currently enrolled in Georgia Tech and will start as a freshman this Fall. Despite Georgia Tech being a technical school, I am interested in Global Economics. Georgia Tech is a very high ranked school and has a variety of science majors but I am afraid my options can be limited because of...

#global-economics #college #engineering #georgia-tech #business

Taiya A.’s Avatar
Taiya A. Sep 01, 2017 338 views

How much school do you need to complete to be an orthopedic surgeon?

I want to know how much school will it take to be an orthopedic surgeon and what major should I major in. #medicine #orthopedics #sports-and-orthopedics #orthopedic-rehabilitation...


Amanda T.’s Avatar
Amanda T. May 25, 2016 1174 views

What is the most rewarding part about being a doctor?

I am a freshman college student who is eager to learn more and more about the career I am working toward for my future. Being a doctor is rewarding for obvious reasons--you get to directly impact the lives of human beings--but are there any specific reasons why you felt rewarded by your career?...

#doctor #professional #hospital-and-health-care #hospital #healthcare #medicine

jose F.’s Avatar
jose F. Oct 19, 2016 437 views
Saad T.’s Avatar
Saad T. Jan 18, 2018 245 views

What are some skills in medicine to know before attending college?

I plan to attain a career in medicine. Will the professors at a college teach medical terms and the like from scratch, or will we have to do some studying beforehand? I have a basic grasp of root words/prefixes/suffixes so I know some medical terms, but is that good enough before college?...

#medicine #college

Jasminne V.’s Avatar
Jasminne V. Mar 19, 2018 426 views

If I want to become a physician assistant, should I major in biochemistry or biology?

I would like to attend a graduate school with enough experience so that i can become a PA. #medicine #physician-assistant...


Anna B.’s Avatar
Anna B. Mar 05, 2019 122 views

What kind of computer is the most reliable and affordable to purchase and take to college?

As an upcoming architecture student who will be running a lot of software, I was wondering what the best computer (on a budget of course) is? I would like this computer to last through college as well as contain plenty of storage! Thanks! #architecture #tech...


elissa G.’s Avatar
elissa G. Oct 31, 2016 783 views

Gap Years: Are they worth the hype?

The New York Times discussed Malia Obama's contribution to a 'growing and expensive' gap year trend. Is a gap year a good decision for students who want to learn what life has to offer or is it just a waste of time? Taking into account that a student would do some type of volunteering or...

#volunteering #college-applications #college #work-life-balance #travel #gap-year

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