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Greenbelt, Maryland

Within 40 mile radius
Kameren’s Avatar
Kameren 18 hours ago 11 views

Where to start

What college should I go to for child psychology, or even a kindergarten teacher? Where should I start now in the present to make my way up to the college level?

Claudia’s Avatar
Claudia 2 days ago 80 views

What do I need to know my senior year to prepare for picking colleges?

I'm a senior in high school, and I do an online schooling for credit recovery. I graduate in the spring, but have only recently decided that I want to go to college. I have very limited knowledge of what I should be doing to prepare to apply for college. I decided to major in psychology (BA),...

Amos’s Avatar
Amos Sep 21 60 views

How you start?

How did u start

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Sep 20 175 views

What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self about starting a business?

I want to start a business, but I have no starting point whatsoever. To those experienced in any kinds of businesses, help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Mitra’s Avatar
Mitra Sep 19 90 views

Does anyone here know of AOS and AET? they are provided to students in Loudoun.

I am getting prep to get accepted into these schools, but I want to know more about them. Are the courses challenging? What exactly is integrated math? Are the courses honors credit? Do you even get anything for attending these schools?

Thank you 😊

Mitra’s Avatar
Mitra Sep 19 58 views

What are the different types of jobs in law?

I am currently in my first year of high school and am still choosing between cyber security and law. If you could explain some benefits of both and how I can choose which one is better for me, I would highly appreciate it. Thank you.

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Sep 18 21 views

I know this is not a career question but, I need to know if it is possible to graduate 2 yrs early from high school. My counselor only told me a year early but I know people who have graduated 2 years early but not in the state of MD. I was wondering if in the state of Maryland you can graduate 2 years early from highschool.?

High school early graduation

Jihad’s Avatar
Jihad Sep 15 63 views

How can i job

I’m currently in college and looking for a new job that relates to what I want to go into.


Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 13 62 views

Where could I get experience in working with birds?

I'm still a high school student, and I'm not exactly sure what I want to be yet, but if I were to work with birds in the future, where could I get the experience beforehand? Should I volunteer somewhere? I always had a passion for them. I love all birds, big and small.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 13 109 views

When should I start deciding my career path?

I am unsure of what to pursue in college because there is so many options! I like a lot of different things and not sure what I would be best at. I am not sure when to start really focusing on something that I really would want to do.

Madeline’s Avatar
Madeline Sep 13 359 views

How did you know that you wanted to be a nurse. I know it is a tough occupation, and nurses have to deal with a great deal of things no one else wanted to deal with.?

I am a Senior in high school interested in majoring in something medical.

Eliezer’s Avatar
Eliezer Sep 12 81 views

What are the steps to making a game and displaying it to a big community?

When it comes to game's, do you promote it with other peoples followers or do you try to gain your own audience with your skills on twitter, you tube, Etc.?

Emile’s Avatar
Emile Sep 12 67 views

How can I get a job in cybersecurity before I graduate and what steps should I begin taking?

I am a first-year community college student.
I like video games

V’s Avatar
V Sep 09 68 views

how to be a nurse ?

go to school

Liberty’s Avatar
Liberty Aug 22 132 views

what is a great college for those who would like to major in psychology?

i would like to major in psychology so i can help others to make sure they don’t feel alone .

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