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Meredith G. Oct 22 31 views

How can I make sexual health education into a career?

I'm a current senior in college, and I'm going to graduate in the spring with a major in Human Biology and a concentration in human reproduction and sexuality. I know plenty of people who educate others on sexual health, but that is just a small part of their job. I want my job to be...

#education #human-biology #counseling #health #sexual-health #public-health

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Mary O. Sep 04, 2018 164 views

Where is the best place to go to college to become a Pharmacist?

A University in Indiana or near Indiana. #pharmacist...


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Ellianna W. Sep 04, 2018 251 views
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anjaenai S. May 31, 2019 202 views

What education do i need?

What college degree is needed if I wanted to go into #education #teach #teaching #college #educator *Admin note: tags were updated in this question to be more specific to Student's question and the...

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RS P. Mar 12, 2014 660 views

How do I start a business?

I want to start a business and I don't know where to start. #business #career #teacher...


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Olivia G. Apr 15, 2019 81 views

How often are OBGYN doctors or nurses called out for an emergency?

How often does it happen or just a good explanation of a #doctor work day is fine...

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Mary O. Sep 05, 2018 229 views

What is a day in the life of an astronomer involve?

What does an astronomer as a daily routine. Like an astronomer that looks up at the stars. #astronomy #science...


Olivia G.’s Avatar
Olivia G. Aug 03, 2019 105 views

What is a bridge over in the medical field?

I am Olivia. I am 14 now, and I love to keep babies for babysitting....


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Aleisha R. May 05, 2018 315 views

Is there still lots of discrimination in the legal workplace towards females?

I am asking because this has always bothered me, and especially if I am going to be a lawyer, the men will probably think they are smarter than me, but I am hoping to prove them wrong....


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Elizabeth D. Jan 17, 2018 791 views

What is the workload for a Master's degree in Forensic Psychology?

I'm getting ready to start my Master's in Forensic Psychology and am curious how the workload is. #psychology...


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Amiyah H. Jun 12, 2019 107 views
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Brice G. Oct 21, 2016 573 views

What would you tell a high school/college student who has goals of attending Medical School but isn't sure what to specialize in?

I am a high school student with goals of attending Medical School and eventually specializing in Orthopedics. #doctor #medicine -school -education #sports-medicine #family-medicine...


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Devon P. Mar 08, 2017 236 views

How hard and or stressful is it to be a chef?

I'd like to become a chef and start my own business and my dream establishment become reality....


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Tyler M. Jan 16, 2018 323 views
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Abigail W. Oct 30, 2016 502 views

What industries are chemical engineers the most successful in?

I plan to major in chemical engineering when I go to college next year, and I've often wondered about which chemical industry to pursue. Chemistry is a very broad topic applicable to many aspects of our lives, and I would like to know which industry is on the rise. Do you suggest food, fuel,...

#fuel-industry #chemical-engineer

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julianna P. Jun 12, 2019 267 views
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RS P. Mar 05, 2014 2539 views

What parts of your job as a physician do you find most challenging?

My objective is to get into the medical field and I plan to be a physician and I want to know what challenges do physicians go through. #doctor #medicine #physician #pathologist...


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Ryan L. Aug 27, 2019 182 views

What is a good entry level job to start building work experience while on a Business Administration track?

I see myself as having the skills to be a strong leader in my professional future, but I want to start building the workplace experience to match and further develop those skills. What entry-level positions would give me relevant work experience that would be valued after completion of my...

#career #business

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Riley S. Aug 16, 2018 151 views

How many hours a night will I be up studying if i want to be a doctor?

How much time should i put into my classes....


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Samuel F. Aug 29, 2018 341 views
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Erin O. Jan 16, 2018 303 views

Should I minor in Spanish or Wildlife when I plan on becoming a wildlife veterinarian (hopefully at a zoo)?

I will be entering college this fall, majoring in Animal Sciences. This major covers animals extensively, but should I choose a minor in wildlife to gain even more understanding? However, I have also heard that it is extremely beneficial to know more than one language, so should I minor in...

#veterinary #veterinarian #pre-veterinary-medicine #veterinary-medicine #medicine

Rosheana W.’s Avatar
Rosheana W. May 31, 2019 101 views

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