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North Haven, Connecticut

Within 40 mile radius
Junior’s Avatar
Junior Sep 20 88 views

What methods did you use/or use to memorize certain information?

This is for studying and for exams and questions.

Joan’s Avatar
Joan Nov 12, 2019 389 views

What is your favorite part about working as a hardware engineer.

#IT # #engineering #engineer #computer-engineering #hardware #hardwareengineer #industrial-engineering

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Apr 21, 2018 444 views

I tend to get very anxious towards the end of each semester. How do I maintain my focus?

Despite being on top of all my classes' assignments, tests, and even arriving on time, I still get overwhelmed with anxiety each semester. That makes it so hard to concentrate and complete the work, as I had done earlier in the semester. I tried meditation, exercise, prescribed medication and...

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 08 238 views

How do I establish self-discipline?

I tend to procrastinate a lot and be very lazy. I want to peruse medical school but have currently hit a wall. What do I do?

Drakena’s Avatar
Drakena May 16, 2016 808 views

With Communication Mediums Changing So Rapidly, Do You Believe College Will Be Needed In A Centruy From Now?

I am a communication studies major and I am aware on how fast websites like social media and blogs come and go in this time of age. They all have some affect on our lifestyles. Now that college is becoming so expensive and they are not giving out as much financial aid as they used to. Are...

Marc’s Avatar
Marc Jun 17, 2019 603 views

To have a successfull business do you have to be rich?

#business #Sales #Agents #Financial # #finance #Services

Marc’s Avatar
Marc Jun 17, 2019 722 views

To be successful do you have to go college

#college #Automotive #Master #Mechanics #Sales #Agents #Financial #Services
#Occupation #college-major #finance

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jul 20, 2020 371 views

What do you wish you accomplished in college that you didn't?

#JULY20 #college

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 17, 2015 900 views

If you have gone to a different school than your friends, was it difficult finding new people to hang out with?

Most of the schools I applied to differ greatly from the ones my friends picked. #college #friends

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 06 989 views

When should I get a credit card/debit card? Whats the difference?

A confused high school student :')

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Mar 25 231 views

Are there any ways I can 'fast-forward' college and spend less time there?

Aspire to be a Pediatrician ASAP :)

Dayalis’s Avatar
Dayalis Nov 08, 2019 556 views

What is Semantic HTML?

#definition#technology #programming #programmer #computer #tech

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 06 340 views

Is college generally more laid back than high school?

I've heard that college is a lot less stressful and 'fast-paced' in comparison to high school. Is this true?

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian May 17, 2016 778 views

What is the fastest growing job in the business industry right now?

I'd like to focus my education/schooling on the fastest growing aspect of the business industry. #business #career #career-counseling #money #career-choice #career-path

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 28 215 views

Does anyone know about Uconn and whether or not the have a BS/MD program?

I've done so much research, but I just can't seem to find a concise answer.

Krishia ’s Avatar
Krishia May 20, 2016 1002 views

Do school counselors' role vary depending on the grade of school they are working in?

I want to know if a school counselor's role differ in an elementary school, middle school, high school, and college due to students' age and their behaviors. I can see a school counselor in a middle school would likely to deal with behavioral issues where as high school can be different....

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Mar 25 194 views

What should I look for in a Medical School?

Just a sophomore (High School) wondering about the Medical School process- specifically whether or not there are some specifics I should look out for.

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Nov 08, 2019 330 views

What's your income as a health information technician?

I am a high school student doing research for an IT project and my assigned career was health info technician. #research #jobs # #healthcare

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Nov 08, 2019 669 views

What is the day in the life for a health information technician?

I'm in IT class right now and our assignment is to research an IT career, mine is a health information technician. I'd like to know what usually goes on in the field. #healthinformation #healthcare #IT #informationtechnology #technician #daily #jobs

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Nov 08, 2019 400 views

What is the job outlook for a health information technician?

I am a high school student with IT exploratory. I have to do a project on IT careers and I was assigned health info technician. #health #healthcare #IT #informationtechnology

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Nov 08, 2019 362 views

What companies involve health information technicians?

High school student doing research on health info technicians. #IT #health #healthcare

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 06 204 views

Does becoming a physician/doctor require earning a doctoral degree?

Was wondering what requirements look like.

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Oct 26, 2016 459 views

In what direction is biomechanics engineering heading?

I am interested in developing and improving medical devices to improve people's quality of life. There have been so many amazing developments in this area lately, but I was wondering in which direction the field was trending- where would I be able to best get involved? #engineering #medicine

Anita’s Avatar
Anita May 02 233 views

PLEASE HELP: If I plan to get married and have children as well as have a job ASAP, which of the following occupations could be beneficial?

I am at such a loss at the moment. I'm not exactly sure what I want to pursue. My top two options at the moment are nurse anesthetist and pediatrician. I understand that there is a huge gap between the two, but I really want to look into whats the most practical. Commit to Med school?- or earn...

Adalberto’s Avatar
Adalberto Apr 05, 2019 986 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter the field of accounting?

#accounting #business #finance #accountant

Anita’s Avatar
Anita May 06 182 views

Can you take prerequisite courses at a community college whilst in high school?

Just wondering if this would be possible- I understand it might vary on the school.

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Apr 28 235 views

I just need some advice and opinions! :)

I plan on going to a safety school because it offers the courses I need, and it's financially more practical. Although it's not highly renowned I feel like that won't matter as much when I apply to grad school (medicine). I've been told that the college you go to doesn't affect your chances of...

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Mar 25 235 views

Do I have to have a strong understanding of High School Math in Medical School?

I'm struggling in Algebra 2 at the moment- will this affect me in the long run?

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Oct 11, 2019 452 views

should i quit band?

So i just joined band this august and i’m in color guard. now i absolutely love twirling my flag and being in the field and hearing that crowd in that huge football stadium we have at my school, but i hate everything else. i just got told i can’t perform at the game tomorrow or at competition...

Anita’s Avatar
Anita Mar 25 245 views

Does the college I go to affect my chances of getting into Medical School?

I'm currently a sophomore, but post-high school, I plan on attending a college in the New England Region. Afterward, I aspire to attend Medical School and become a certified Pediatrician :)

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