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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Within 40 mile radius
peyton’s Avatar
peyton May 31 452 views

What do I need to learn for psychology school ?

I need to go to school for psychology school

asen’s Avatar
asen Apr 25 369 views

how to communicate good at school?

reading more books

ferran’s Avatar
ferran Apr 02 410 views

how to be an active listener?

listen carefuly

Dana’s Avatar
Dana Mar 27 277 views

How do you get hired with no experience when there are others applying who are experienced?

How does that ever happen?

coleman’s Avatar
coleman Feb 01 406 views

how is life as a lawyer?

work life as a lawyer

Ulises’s Avatar
Ulises Aug 19, 2023 722 views

How do I start my culinary career?

I like cooking and learning new things to cook

Livia’s Avatar
Livia Jul 27, 2023 622 views

What was your first year of college like?

I am a high school senior and i’m planning on going to college next fall and would just like to hear about different experiences, good and bad! Any advice is welcome too

Livia’s Avatar
Livia Jul 27, 2023 362 views

What is your best advice for deciding which college best fits you?

There’s good schools but how am I sure if they’re best for me specifically?

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jul 11, 2023 382 views

What is the best way to start an acting career as a teen without breaking the bank?

I want to start getting into acting, for example as an extra in a show, but since I live in a place where that doesn’t happened much, it’s hard to do anything without having to put in a lot of money

pieces’s Avatar
pieces Jun 18, 2023 497 views

should I take my SAT now or wait till next year?

I'm going to be in 10th grade and I was wondering if I should take my SAT yet or wait a little longer.

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Jun 12, 2023 364 views

Do the Veterinary Assistants get stuck with the grunt work? #Spring23

I just started Veterinary Assistant classes. Open to any tips on being the best.

audrey’s Avatar
audrey Jun 10, 2023 355 views

will interior design be good for me?

how do i know if the job i have in mind for my future will be actually good for me or if i will actually even like it

Annabelle’s Avatar
Annabelle Jun 04, 2023 261 views

Why did you choose voice-acting?

Why did you choose voice-acting over other forms of acting, like film, tv, or stage. Are you able to perform multiple disciplines of acting or do you have to pick one and stick with it.

Deandra’s Avatar
Deandra Aug 11, 2022 508 views

Is doing prep pharmacy tech. classes a good way to transfer to biology?

also, are there any book recommendations for an aspiring biologist?

Deandra’s Avatar
Deandra Aug 04, 2022 567 views

is going into zoology/marine biology a good way to transfer into pathology

also is there any advice for a book or anything of the sort for a beginner researcher

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