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Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Within 40 mile radius
Diya’s Avatar
Diya Jul 13, 2023 2108 views

Can a chemical engineer work in the pharmaceutical industry?

Can a chemical engineer work in the pharmaceutical industry, where they might create new medicines, synthetic versions of existing medicines, or use cells to help understand diseases, disease pathways, and human responses to drugs? If so can you please advise on the degree and pathway needed...

Lethukuthula’s Avatar
Lethukuthula Jun 08, 2023 302 views

what are recommended guidelines to follow for professional-development??

The transition from being a student to being a professional is a bit challenging.
As we are facing a huge problem with how to use college fundamentals in solving real-world problems.
That two-month training taught me a lot, and I will need to have answers prepared for my next position.

Lethukuthula’s Avatar
Lethukuthula Jun 05, 2023 428 views

How to improve chances of getting a job after graduation?

I'm a final year student in Bsc Eng Mechanical engineering student at university of kwazulu natal.

Ismaeel’s Avatar
Ismaeel Nov 20, 2022 587 views

How can I get a job or shadow.....?

Hello. How are you doing? I'm a high school student and the December break is coming up. My dream is to be a commercial pilot actually. I need help finding a holiday job or something similar, perhaps even shadowing a professional.
I hope you're having a great day.

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Nov 06, 2022 368 views

How old do I have to be to be the manager of my own airline?

I want to start my own airline and become a pilot at the same time in South Africa

Asive’s Avatar
Asive Apr 13, 2022 466 views

How can you be an accountant?

I am a student at Walter Sisulu University and I am holding a National Higher Certificate in Accountancy and National Diploma in Accounting. My majors are Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Information Systems and Taxation.

kingsley’s Avatar
kingsley Dec 26, 2021 619 views

i just started coding and wanna computer science in general ,but i suck at math any advise

intrested in the world #CHangeyourways

nicola’s Avatar
nicola Nov 23, 2021 687 views

how can we start a small business?

#business #entrepreneur #management #finance

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Nov 21, 2021 999 views

is there any career choices for a bipolar person

i was wondering is there any way of a bipolar person get a job and if there's any choice what would be it #career-choice #career #job

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Noluthando Nov 20, 2021 450 views

Which jobs are available to do part time

#job #job-search

nicola’s Avatar
nicola Nov 17, 2021 479 views

can I do a internship as a CSI if I'm still in school?


nicola’s Avatar
nicola Nov 07, 2021 510 views

how can we become a actor/ actress

#actor #acting #actors #theatre

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nicola Nov 05, 2021 419 views

what universities offer courses to become a CSI?

#university #CSI

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nicola Nov 04, 2021 923 views

can I become a CSI on 18 years old?

# #criminal-justice

nicola’s Avatar
nicola Nov 03, 2021 390 views

how can we choose our subjects in grade 10?

I am still uncertain which subjects to take. #professional

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