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Wilson, North Carolina

Within 40 mile radius
Bri’s Avatar
Bri Feb 16 322 views

What are some tips in applying for college ?

I am a junior in highschool and I am worrying about applying for college to late.

Ann-Leigh’s Avatar
Ann-Leigh Dec 09, 2023 340 views

How do I prepare for collage ?

While I’m in the ninth grade what are some things I should do to get prepared for college since I want to be for fashion designing

Brae’s Avatar
Brae Nov 23, 2023 178 views

How hard is the nursing field really ?

I hear many people talk about how hard the nursing field is. Is it as complicating as it seems to be?

Brae’s Avatar
Brae Nov 23, 2023 173 views

Why is it hard to get in a class that I want?

I am a junior in high school. I want a career in psychology and before I go to college I want to take the course in school. The counselor know what I want to do but they still manage to put in in classes that I didn’t ask for. Also the class that I want to take are not full.

lucy’s Avatar
lucy Nov 23, 2023 204 views

What made you pick this career and stay in it?

I am at the point where I have to start looking into what I want to do and I just have so many options, I need a little guidance.

Zyreon’s Avatar
Zyreon Nov 14, 2023 225 views

How do I keep up with my hobbies having a full time job ?

Pls help me

Gavin’s Avatar
Gavin Oct 27, 2023 366 views

How do people end up getting their first computer science internship without any experience?

What makes someone with no experience stand out from the other applicants?

Josh’s Avatar
Josh Oct 26, 2023 222 views

How much does the average IB analyst get paid their first year out of college?

A rough estimate, at one of the major firms like Goldman or JP Morgan Chase, for example? And is there difference in pay depending on which school you go to(i.e. target school, non-target school)

Chiara’s Avatar
Chiara Oct 07, 2023 254 views

Would it be difficult to start a business from ground up and if so what would you do to get a good start ?

I’m am 14 years old and I am planing on having my own business when I get older.

Alana’s Avatar
Alana Sep 26, 2023 170 views

How do i get ownership of my music?How do I get my music noticed?

Ive been writing music and singing for years.I just started like posting it I think two ye ago. My dream is to be a professional musician performing on stage. I want to write music that can help people grow and bond with each other.

Naqiyah’s Avatar
Naqiyah Sep 25, 2023 328 views

How do create a compelling identity for my college applications ?

Even if I don’t know for certain what I want to major in ?

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Jul 20, 2023 261 views

Should I go in the Navy or go for my master’s degree when I turn 18?

I’m currently fourteen and starting University next month, I’m on track to graduate with my bachelors by the time I turn eighteen. I’ve wanted to join the Navy since I was a little kid, and I will, but should I finish with my master’s and then go into the Navy? Or go finish my master’s when I...

Danaya’s Avatar
Danaya Jul 04, 2023 196 views

What do you plan on doing when you get older And how do you plan on starting that career. How will you provide for that. What will you do. When do you plan on starting your career??

I think that you should start looking and seeing what other people started to get some ideas of what you might wanna do or how you might wanna start

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Jun 26, 2023 160 views

Hi, I am a high school senior and unsure of what I would like to do when I graduate. I am interested in many things such as specific trades and lots of outdoor activities. I'm unsure if I want to go to college, trade school, or neither. How should I go about deciding what I should do?

Some of my hobbies are going on bike rides, hiking, and listening to music. I am right now leaning towards going to trade school so my student loans wouldn't be as bad and I'm ready for a job instantly after completion. However, I'm still not really sure what I would like to do.

Maple’s Avatar
Maple Jun 11, 2023 180 views

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