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Juney Dijkstra

Business Development / Production / Project Management
Management Occupations - Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands
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Jack’s Avatar
Jack Sep 28, 2023 517 views

What kind of game is easiest to code?

I am wonder what kind of game I should start with

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Dec 22, 2023 1154 views

How do I make myself stand out when looking for a business management job?

I think I may go to college whenever I get a baseball scholarship to! The college must have some sort of business degree!

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Dec 23, 2023 654 views

How do I send college applications?

Question for careers.

Josiah’s Avatar
Josiah Dec 23, 2023 1065 views

How do I become successful in life at an young age?

How do I become successful in life

Shina’s Avatar
Shina Dec 23, 2023 581 views

How to get into medical school?

I really need to get into medical school but i need to know the process and steps needed for me to get into medical school and i was hoping to get the answer to that.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Dec 18, 2023 373 views

How is the market behind real estate?

How is the market behind real estate?

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Dec 20, 2023 497 views

How do you find a mentor as a high school student interested in international affairs?

I participated in an exchange* program sponsored by the U.S. Department Of State's Bureau Of Educational and Cultural Affairs. I'm looking for a way to expand my knowledge and learning of international relations/affairs/diplomacy.

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Dec 20, 2023 792 views

How do you become a pathologist and how did you choose your specialization in pathology?

I'm a highschool junior who loves biology and wants to go into the medical field. I have a big fear about college debt but I'm ready to continue to learn and explore the world!

Adriana’s Avatar
Adriana Dec 21, 2023 534 views

Why do businesses not work out ?

Why do some businesses owners not have successful businesses why do they fail or get bankrupt

LA RITA’s Avatar
LA RITA Dec 21, 2023 593 views

Whats next?


I recently earned my BS in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I have a background in finance, construction, and overall customer service. I think I want to transition into education but I am not sure where to start. Not sure what to ask, but if you were me, what would you do?

Bamist’s Avatar
Bamist Dec 22, 2023 924 views

What is your morning routine as a college student ?

Well I think my morning routine can be described as a pre and post Covid situation. Before COVID I would aim to be in the office for 830 so everything works back from there.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Dec 20, 2023 649 views

What advice would you give a high school student who got his first D, and is looking to apply to a Top 20 University?

Recently got a D+ in AP- Pre-Cal. It's my only D; The rest of my grades are mostly A's.

Q’s Avatar
Q Dec 18, 2023 741 views

How do I know if I want to go to college or not?

I'm interested in various subjects, but college is so expensive and I don't know if any would lead to a good job after college

Lia’s Avatar
Lia Dec 19, 2023 399 views

career choice/help

How do you know what Career you want

Dacoda’s Avatar
Dacoda Dec 20, 2023 848 views

How does one with multiple interests choose a career to spend the rest of their lives working at?

I have a lot of interests like history, math, music, writing, art/design, tech, etc. I do not know how to choose what career I want to do as I am passionate about a lot of things.