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Jasleen Oct 17 84 views

How do you start out as a actor?

I have always wanted to be one since a little girl. But I never really found a way to become one. I have tried acting classes but it didn't really work out for me.

Hanah’s Avatar
Hanah Sep 27 211 views

How can I manage my time better so I can reach my goal of having a 4.0 this year while having extracurriculars and SAT preparations?

For context, I am taking 3 APs and an astronomy community college class. I am struggling the most with astronomy, physics, and math. I am also the Junior Officer for an aerospace organization at my school called Aerotech and I am a writer and editor for a club called ARRAS (Arts and Magazine...

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Sep 19 111 views

How can I make it big in the music and film industry?

How can I make it big in the acting, film, and music industry? Any tips on how to start?

Maddie’s Avatar
Maddie Aug 03 186 views

As a college freshman how should I get started with getting myself out there for internships What should I do??

specifically working in tv and film maybe even writing

Jaedene’s Avatar
Jaedene Jul 22 315 views

How can I improve my writing skills??

I really want to improve my writing skills but I'm not sure how. Is there any websites or practices I could do?

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Jul 10 143 views

Hi!What would you suggest if you wanted to get started on a film career (whether that be on the screen or production team), as a teenager in high school Thank you!??

I am also wondering which colleges would you recommend and what i should have on my resume to be considered. Also, how to immerse myself in film within my community.

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Jun 12 148 views

What is a realistic career I could choose if I enjoy theater and acting?

Hey! I am in 9th grade and I am thinking about what careers interest me so I can start taking classes that apply to what I want to do, I am interested in theater and acting. What is a realistic career I could choose if I enjoy theater and acting?

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Jun 13 116 views

How do I start coming up with ideas for stories for my writing?

I want to be an professional writer but I’m unsure on how to create or develop the ideas for stories. Are there any tips to create great concepts and stories and actually put them on the page?

Ayesha’s Avatar
Ayesha Jun 10 115 views

How to develop skills to show instead of telling in writing?

As a non-native English speaker, I found it difficult to show instead of tell in my writing. Despite my efforts to improve by reading, I still find it challenging to express my thoughts and ideas effectively. I am interested in creative writing. I would appreciate any advice.

Kenzie’s Avatar
Kenzie Jun 01 174 views

How do i become a good writer?

How do i become an author

Aura’s Avatar
Aura Apr 16 162 views

what are some tips for when someone feels uninspired?

I'm writing a story currently and I'm stuck as to what should happen for the scene when the main character meets someone for the first time during lunch with a friend.

ISAIAH’s Avatar
ISAIAH Apr 26 162 views

How do editors keep themselves going while editing videos depending on how much there is to edit?

I am a senior in high school

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher May 25 223 views

What kind of adobe softwares should be used for editing?

For example, lot of videos have lots of different styles so which adobe product would be best for all editing styles?

Maria’s Avatar
Maria May 23 203 views

Can I have a full time job and still have time to do creative writing as a side gig I am really interested in making a career out of creative writing but am unsure if I can support myself that way.?

I was thinking of going to school for psychology, but writing is what I really want to do. I was thinking of making that a minor.

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Mar 20 109 views

How is the job market for cinema?

I'd like to join the cinema field but I'm not sure of the availability of jobs this career offers.