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Shannon Strawther

Loan Processor
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Detroit, Michigan
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Olivia Jan 20 411 views

How can I find a job that pays good money and hires at my age ?

How can I find a job that pays good money and hires at my age

eman’s Avatar
eman Apr 19 408 views

will life after high school be harder?

im afraid that life will be harder, i wanna move from home for personal reasons and im scared that housing will be an issue, what should i do

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Aug 26, 2019 1925 views

Can an English major work in business-related jobs?

As my question says, I'm wondering how successful an English major would be at working in business-related jobs. For example, I'm really interested in the publishing industry. Can you find success working in the publishing industry with only an English degree, or would you recommend...

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Feb 12 994 views

What is the best Business career path to choose?

I’m stuck on which career i should go for.

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Ginise Nov 22, 2023 603 views

How to stop thinking about failure?

How do I stop myself from thinking about failure?

I know that if I don’t work hard enough in school I’m might be 40 working a job I don’t like when I’ll I want to be in life is rich and happy

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Kayla Jan 18 662 views

What am I supposed to do now?

I have applied to so many jobs and still have not gotten hired. I'm about to quit if I don't get anything else after I put my application in for maybe two more places. I've been trying so hard. There are things I want to buy and do for myself. I am tired of my parents and friends paying for me.

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Ashton Jan 16 1545 views

What are good gateway jobs/money making activities for a high schooler going into a degree for business if they wish to enter into the career of finance, accounting, or marketing (preference in finance).?

I'm a senior in high school who is unable to work anything other then remote due to family issues. I've been looking for jobs relating to what my career is for quite some time but I can't find anything worthwhile. I'm going to be basically by myself the moment I turn 18 and am in desperate need...

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Aaron Jan 16 990 views

1. Can you describe the typical day to day responsibilities of this role 2.How do you handle challenging or high pressure situations in this work environment? 3. Are there any opportunities for career advancement within the company??

informational Interview questions.