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Arya Feb 25 737 views

As 11th grader,I can't seem to figure out what career path to choose even after trying so hard?

I'm in 11th right now with medical stream as my father wants me to become a doctor but i don't think i want to become doctor.

Erick’s Avatar
Erick Feb 16 261 views

How long does it take for an airline pilot to earn a decent amount of flexibility in there schedule?

I am a sophomore in high school. And I am looking at the airline industry for a potential job in the future. I am here just to weigh the pros and cons of the industry.

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Feb 13 929 views

How I develop my tech skills?


Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Feb 07 398 views

Do you have to be competitive as an astrophysicist?

I'm not much of a competitive person and would rather avoid that stuff, but people say it's a very competitive field. This scares me since it's one of my biggest dreams.

Fiona’s Avatar
Fiona Feb 06 313 views

What types of engineers work less with people?

I'm not a very social person and I try to avoid it if I can.
I'm looking into the engineering field and I want to figure what types might work.

Aby’s Avatar
Aby Feb 05 600 views

How do I prepare for college applications as a freshman?

I'm a 14-year-old freshman and I want to get a head start on preparing for college. I want to and most likely will get into tOSU. I already do Cheerleading, Cross Country, Tennis, Diversity Committee, and am on track to get on NHS. I'm also doing CCP in my sophomore year. Is there any other way...

Karl’s Avatar
Karl Feb 04 648 views

What's the best way to learn Python?

Tips on learning how to efficiently use Python.

Nailah’s Avatar
Nailah Feb 03 816 views

Why are you interested in college? Is it to further your education and pursue a specific career?

Why are you interested in college? Is it to further your education and pursue a specific career?

Randi’s Avatar
Randi Feb 01 470 views

How can I better my chances at getting a scholarship?

I’m from a small town and most of the kids around me do agricultural and the ones who don’t stay in Oregon but I don’t want to, I plan on attending a two year program in Oregon then a four year program out of state.

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica Jan 30 800 views

What are the most suitable IB classes, colleges, and majors for future pediatricians?

Hello, I am a dedicated high school student aspiring to become a pediatrician, but I’m uncertain about the path to take. Considering my enrollment in the rigorous pre-IB track, I wonder what would be the most suitable IB classes, colleges, and majors that will align with my future career in...

Laikan’s Avatar
Laikan Jan 30 884 views

Why is it then when I pick a career I always end up changing my mind about it?

I want to be able to settle on something that contributes to many things I love like art and helping other people.

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Jan 28 748 views

how hard (in your own experience) is it to become a commercial aviation pilot coming out of high school and/or college?

i'm currently thinking of pursuing a career in aviation, and wanted to know how difficult pilots thought the process was.

Huy’s Avatar
Huy Jan 27 660 views

How do I improve my resume to get internship?

I am a 4th year mechanical engineering student at CSULB and looking to improve my skills and learn more experiences through internships and work experiences.

Jess’s Avatar
Jess Jan 26 922 views

What is the benefit of pursuing a career in the Software development sector?

I have recently been hearing news about the rise of increasingly smart AI's. I, personally would think following the trend and learning more about softwares then joining a company to develop AI's but I don't really know how much a software developer earns annually.

John’s Avatar
John Jan 24 933 views

What is the first step for someone who wants to learn how to code a game ?

I recently began trying to find a software to begin to learn to code but there are many and it became hard to find the right one.