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Kaitlyn Sep 01, 2017 701 views

How do I apply for scholarships from the college I want to go to? (ASU)

I don't know where to start #confused #financial-aid #scholarships

Elysia’s Avatar
Elysia May 12, 2016 938 views

What is the most efficient, realistic plan for paying off medical school bills as soon as possible? Are there any specific known organizations that can assist with these bills in exchange for work or volunteering?

I for sure want to enter the medical field and am wary about my debt coming out of medical school. #medicine #phd #finance #scholarships #college #hospital-and-health-care

RAVI’s Avatar
RAVI Oct 13, 2017 1474 views

How to get admission in IIT for post-graduation?

I have completed my B.Sc. from #physics, now I want to pursue for my post-graduation. Is there anyone who can tell me that how to get admission in IIT to pursue for master’s? #masters #masters-degree ##india

Lucie’s Avatar
Lucie Oct 12, 2017 823 views

How does an academic major in college affect job opportunities in the music field?

Hi, I'm a senior in High School. I would like to pursue music as a career, but it is hard for me to find a major that has what I am looking for or one that I can afford/qualify for. My alternative is to apply to either the same college as my preferred program or a cheaper college as an...

Gillian’s Avatar
Gillian Sep 01, 2017 703 views

What are the most common topics on scholarship essays?

I want to stand out and be different from everyone else, so I think it would be very beneficial to know what not to right about. #scholarships #different #financial-aid #college-essay

C’s Avatar
C Oct 15, 2017 1096 views

What can you do with you Psychology BA degree?

I know i'm not the only one feeling this way, but as I'm graduating soon (next year), I'm a bit nervous and I wonder what are the options out there for psychology major students? I don't want to jump into grad school right away since I haven't figured out which field I really want to invest...

Chandni’s Avatar
Chandni Oct 11, 2017 2998 views

How is Supply Chain as a domain ?

This question is for all the Supply Chain Professionals. How do you find this domain in terms of job prospects ? How did you get certified and gained work experience in this field ? Please share your experiences and any insights you can offer. Thanks. #supply-chain #logistics...

Evie’s Avatar
Evie Aug 30, 2017 720 views

How would you go about receiving financial aid to go to a school outside of the U.S?

I'm a U.S citizen but plan to attend the University of British Columbia in Canada. I've looked into FAFSA and other scholarships but I cannot seem to find the answer I'm looking for. If anyone has tips or advice PLEASE let me know. Thanks!
#canada #financial-aid #financial-advisor

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Aug 09, 2016 1240 views

What is the education path to become a portfolio manager and what is the salary range?

I was curious about the career. #career #salary #portfolio-management #financial-planning

Moriah’s Avatar
Moriah Sep 01, 2017 3339 views

How does FAFSA work when your parent is recently unemployed?

There's not much information online about how to add in special circumstances like this. #fafsa #financial-aid #college-admissions #financial-planning

Kelle’s Avatar
Kelle Sep 29, 2017 988 views

What are the advantages of a Computer Science major compared to a Computer Programmer major?

I am interested in a career in the computer technology field but am uncertain as to which major would open the most doors for gainful employment. Additionally, I am interested in computer animation and game design and would like to be able to use some of the required classes in my major(comp....