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Karen Curtis-Beck, M.Ed

Senior Citizenship & Sustainability Manager
Dallas, Texas
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Ella Mar 30, 2021 267 views

How to thrive your business during pandemic using online marketing?


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Amulya Apr 15, 2020 498 views

What is the perfect job for someone who likes physics and art?

#art #graphic-design #physics #artist #research #engineering #pleasehelp

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Kelly Mar 28, 2020 377 views

Where can i start to learn Motion graphics by myself?

#graphic-design #design #art

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Rachael Mar 26, 2020 481 views

What direction should I take, I'm great at comms and work with refugees and LGTBQ seniors

my BA is in International Relations. I have volunteered in 8 refugee camps in Greece with Syrian and Iraqi refugees. This work was perfect because I was in charge of comms state-side and worked on the ground in Greece, accessing needs, mitigating issues, and being surrounded by people and a...

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Rosa Apr 06, 2018 402 views

Are there any jobs that involve photography and agriculture together?

I enjoy both photography and agriculture but I am not sure which would be better to major in. I was wondering if there is a job that allows me to do both.

#Photography #agriculture

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Fiepre Aug 29, 2019 381 views

I think I might have to make my own career

So I want to major in international relations and chemistry. I love them both equally and I don’t think I could trade off one or the other. I want to live in other countries and work but I don’t know how I’m going to combine the two degrees that I want to get into one full blown job. Also, both...

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Peyton Aug 26, 2019 316 views

If I were to be an athletic trainer what would be some good schools to go to?


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chris Aug 27, 2019 251 views

HOW DO I become a video game designer


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Astrud Sep 01, 2017 1583 views

Is it better to get good grades or to make connections?

Hi, there! I'm curious as to how to succeed in school, and I'd love to know what my priorities should be. A lot of people have told me that connections are the best resource we get from college, and that it's what most helps with our aspirations. I'm hoping to become a photojournalist,...