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Chanice Mar 10 1065 views

How to enter into Fintech Industry?

I want to find a FinTech position, in which I can come in entry level and make more than I make at my current job. I currently work for the gov, doing general tax related work and speaking to customers. I want something Fintech related and back office, meaning no direct contact with customers....

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Yussuf Mar 09 584 views

What is the total pay for programming jobs?

How can I get programming jobs?

Jerrell’s Avatar
Jerrell Mar 11 325 views

what is the company culture like?

for electricians

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Sophie Jan 15 958 views

What is the difference between biology and art?

How can i achieve my career

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Abigail Jan 17 1668 views

What is the main thing to do to achieve my career ?

How will i be able to achieve my career and goals

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Aaron Jan 16 1156 views

1. Can you describe the typical day to day responsibilities of this role 2.How do you handle challenging or high pressure situations in this work environment? 3. Are there any opportunities for career advancement within the company??

informational Interview questions.

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Jan 17 812 views

What Values does your company look for in a person they are hiring What related fields do you think I should consider looking into? Do you expect hiring for this job in the region to increase, decrease, or stay the same over the few next years??

Some questions for hvac

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Brianna Jan 18 6822 views

What are some jobs you can get with a BA in Psychology after college? #Psychology #Jobs #careers?

I am a currently senior in High school in San Jose planing for the future. I plan to major in Psychology and was wondering what kind of jobs that are local to my area that revolve around this major.

Heaven’s Avatar
Heaven Jan 17 1961 views

Which University would be best for learning psychiatry?

I'm looking into being a Psychiatrist and was hoping for recommendations on where to go for higher education.

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Jan 20 2068 views

What prerequisites do I need in order to be admitted to a diagnostic medical sonography program?

I'm planning on going to college for at least 2 years before applying to a program.

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Odilia Jan 20 1027 views

How can I start looking in a career I’m interested in or makes money ?

As a fifteenth year old and a rising junior with no job experience how can I start with selecting a career and choosing to go or to not go to college.

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Amna Jan 20 887 views

How to choose the best career?

Hi, I'm 14 years old grade 9th student. I want to be a health worker but also interested in enterpreneur. What is the right course to offer in college?

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 06, 2023 394 views

What is the schooling like to become a nurse What classes are needed? What is the job like after schooling? How is the salary as a nurse.??

I am currently a tenth grader. Looking to someday make my way into the medical field. I have wanted to be a nurse for a while now and would like to have some extra information on it.

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Lynelle Oct 06, 2023 487 views

Where to go?

Where’s a good ultrasound technician school here in co?
Need to know for next year 24

Tawny’s Avatar
Tawny Oct 06, 2023 360 views

How do you figure out the best career for yourself ?

How do you figure out the best job for yourself if when you take a career test you get jobs not even close to what you were thinking of?