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Korbin Apr 17 784 views

What are ways to make the most money in your profession?

What are ways to make the most money in your profession? "honest answers only."

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ruby Apr 14 593 views

how can i be able to manage my finances?

finance tips

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Daniella Jan 15 795 views

Debt until 40 ?

Why is college so expensive? Theres people that graduated college and university and their they are working their normal jobs and they still are in debt because their academics? What are we supposed to do?

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yk.bray Jan 08 1264 views

How can someone who just graduated be financially smart . ?

I am class of 2024 graduate and I plan on going to college, I want to save as much money as I can .

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Jana Nov 15, 2023 290 views

How much money do I make starting off?

I want to become an electrician.

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Liberty Aug 22, 2023 695 views

what is a great college for those who would like to major in psychology?

i would like to major in psychology so i can help others to make sure they don’t feel alone .

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Bar Oct 04, 2023 3244 views

What are remote jobs for 17 year olds?

I am looking for work from home jobs as a
17 year old High School student. Like customer service, virtual assistant, etc.

Fernando’s Avatar
Fernando Oct 20, 2023 541 views

How can I find a part-time accounting job while attending college?

How can I find a part-time accounting job while attending college?

choudelie’s Avatar
choudelie Oct 08, 2023 524 views

What major to decide?

For someone who started college with interest in business management and information systems, in todays society which path should they lean more towards?

sarah’s Avatar
sarah Oct 28, 2023 1386 views

do you have to pay student loans while going to college

Do you have to pay student loans in college, also do you have to provide your own furniture? and when should you get your books??

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Nov 05, 2023 299 views

Should I prioritize getting a Bachelors degree or getting job certifications?

I have a two-year degree in what is essentially digital photography (my childhood dream) that I got immediately after high school. I have since decided that this isn’t a good fit for me as a career, and have been struggling to find my first job. In 2019, I went back to my local community...

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Lexie Nov 01, 2023 295 views

How can i get paid well ?

What is the best way to get money

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Riley Nov 16, 2023 570 views

How do expand my business as young black hairstylist?

Do I have to invest into thousands to become a known hairdresser? How do I gain my clients ? How do I promote myself? How do I get myself into feed and be known for hair

kemorah’s Avatar
kemorah Nov 16, 2023 311 views

what is the root of the worlds problems?

what is the root of the worlds problems?

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REINA Nov 17, 2021 1348 views

How do you become a financial analyst?

SIMPLE DREAM TO FINNISH MY COURSE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY #finance #financial #financial-analyst #analyst