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eva’s Avatar
eva Nov 06 110 views

What is Psychiatry like?

Why or why not would you recommend psychiatry as a career? Is it worth it? What is working like? Is there any way to get rid of student debt for the future?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Nov 06 82 views

what can i do ??

what can i do after high school?

Dalia’s Avatar
Dalia Oct 22 189 views

How do I start a clothing business off I’m 19 years old I’ve been wanting to make my own clothing brand & etc but I’m lost & I have no support !?

How do I start a clothing business off ? I’m 19 years old I’ve been wanting to make my own clothing brand & etc but I’m lost & I have no support !

Alison’s Avatar
Alison Oct 13 182 views

What degree would pair well with Business Management Associates Degree?

I almost have Business Management Associates degree from another college. I’m planning on getting another Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree. I was wondering what would pair well with that degree for more job opportunities.

Brooklynn’s Avatar
Brooklynn Oct 11 118 views

How do I know what the right career for me is?

I am interested in multiple careers at the moment. Mainly Journalism and Architecture, but how do I know which one I should choose? I don't want to choose a career and end up hating it. I want to love what I do. I want to be creative and both career options allow me to do that especially...

Colson’s Avatar
Colson Oct 09 101 views

How can I figure out what college is best for me based on my career that I want to go into? Does it matter what college I choose to go to in the long run or are they all similar.

I can go to the mall to get clothes but they are expensive

Meya’s Avatar
Meya Sep 17 157 views

How do you get your first job and a high paying job?

How do you build up to get a high paying job and how do you get your very first job?

Patience’s Avatar
Patience Sep 15 196 views

What would be a great collage for paramedics ?

Will the collage be able to teach the medication for me ? After i graduate from the college will i be able to go into the healthcare field? What degree would be best for the position ? Will i be able to use the technology for training and learning ?

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Sep 12 59 views

Are there times when your patients become physically violent?

i would like to know this so if someone becomes overly agitated i can be prepared for it.

ana’s Avatar
ana Sep 05 137 views

What is a brief job description of an ultrasound technician?

Brief #Description of the Career

Jacquelyn’s Avatar
Jacquelyn Sep 05 152 views

How much money does a doctor make ?

How much money does a doctor make?

kaleigh’s Avatar
kaleigh Sep 01 131 views

How did you pick a career?

I have many things I want to choose but don’t know the one I want to choose.

kaleigh’s Avatar
kaleigh Sep 01 105 views

How would you select a college based on your experience?

I have wanted to go to UTK my whole life, but I am out of state. I can go to IU, but UTK is my dream.

Mallory’s Avatar
Mallory Aug 15 134 views

What made you decide your career path?

I think I have made the right decision for my career path. I have decided to go into healthcare adminstration. I have heard many good things and enjoy what I plan to do but I want to hear from others.

Abrahim’s Avatar
Abrahim Jul 26 128 views

What Is a best way to start a business?

I Want to start being an entrepreneur but I dont know where to start

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