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Collinsville, Illinois

Within 40 mile radius
Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Jun 08 197 views

What is the best way to format a resume and what information should be included like volunteer work, awards, extracurriculars and skills?

I tried using the resumes google docs has but I don’t believe they are the best unless otherwise. I also do wonder if there is a website that can help with this process.

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas May 10 147 views

How can I be very successful ?

Please how can you help me be a professional person

Carys’s Avatar
Carys Apr 07 504 views

What career path options are there for CREATIVE minded people?

I am a freshman in college and im having a hard time finding careers that interest me. I have always been a very creative minded person but im not sure what career paths support this.

scott’s Avatar
scott Apr 05 392 views

what is the time college adissions will take place?

admission tips

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Apr 02 541 views

best things i have to do to learn new skills?

best things i have to do to learn new skills?

Alondra’s Avatar
Alondra Mar 20 520 views

How I can start working with interior designers?

I am in the 10th grade in high school. I wanted to see what I can do to get into interior design. How I can start working with interior designers. The reason why I ask this is because it’s my passion

Elisa’s Avatar
Elisa Dec 18, 2023 538 views

How to find my career path?

How can I find my carres? How to know which career path works best for me? What should I do? How to know if I am at the right path or not? Hniuhiuhiuuuu

Estrella’s Avatar
Estrella Dec 17, 2023 421 views

Why is college necessary in some states?

is it to get a possible better life or have a better education?

Ravyn’s Avatar
Ravyn Nov 26, 2023 437 views

What can I do to ensure that I will succeed in my career choice as an interior designer?

How can I make it worthwhile?

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Nov 14, 2023 431 views

What’s the best college to go to for nursing ?

What’s the best college to go to for nursing

madden’s Avatar
madden Nov 12, 2023 501 views

how is a good school for coding?

how is a good school for coding in u.s.a?
I am looking for a good school for coding in u.s.a. I don't no war to go because there are so may school to go to

Esther’s Avatar
Esther Oct 22, 2023 1186 views

how much do you get paid as a teacher?

I like to read and take photos.I also like to write books and novels. But i think i would like to be a teacher and a photographer i LOVE to draw and sing (even tho i suck at both)i would like to be a TEACHER

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie Oct 11, 2023 371 views

How many years of schooling does it take to become a sports psychologist?

I want to be a sports psychologists or do any form of psychology.

Maddox’s Avatar
Maddox Oct 01, 2023 430 views

To professional music artists, solo or band members, how did you begin your career?

I'm looking to break into the music industry, preferably as a solo artist, and I'm having difficulty deciding what path to choose: should I just buy a music software, look up tutorials and teach myself, or go to college and learn it there?

Klara’s Avatar
Klara Sep 10, 2023 271 views

How would I get noticed by professors, specifically of larger universities?

I’m looking to get accepted into the Ivy League specifically in anesthesiology, I know that this is a very difficult field, but I think that if I work my very hardest and pay attention I can reach the goal.

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