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Gilroy, California

Within 40 mile radius
Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Apr 27 207 views

What are some classes that be beneficial for a criminology major?

I'm someone who wants to be an FBI agent as my intended career

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Apr 25 565 views

Which is the best real estate course to take?

I would prefer suggestions of online courses. I plan to start this course while I'm in college.

Jensine’s Avatar
Jensine Apr 25 517 views

Tips for internships?

Hi my name is Jensine 👋
Recently, I got accepted into a few marketing internships and would really appreciate any tips or ideas for creating social media posts! Additionally, how can I come up with original ideas?

Vy’s Avatar
Vy Apr 25 164 views

What would make me stand out in nursing school applications since it’s such an impacted major ?

I am a junior in highschool with a 3.9 GPA from a medical magnet pathway program. I plan to take an MA or CNA course this summer too

Cristina’s Avatar
Cristina Apr 24 139 views

How many years of school do you need to be a therapist#Spring24?

How many years of school do you need to be a therapist?#Spring24

John’s Avatar
John Apr 23 658 views

How much does video gamers make?

Is it possible to make a life playing games

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Apr 22 616 views

How do most programmers know what exactly to type when coding?

How do most programmers know what exactly to type when coding?

prince-darin’s Avatar
prince-darin Apr 15 399 views

1. what's the longest have you been on the road? 2. What's the best company I could possibly work for in the trucking industry? 3. What credentials do you have and what different opportunities are available within the trucking industry because of your credentials?

I am a student at a job corps in cali and I just want to know more about the trucking industry so I can know what Im going to be getting into

Lorraine’s Avatar
Lorraine Apr 15 425 views

What is beneficial from Security and Protective Services?

What makes being a security worthwhile?
What’s the hardest part of being a security guard?
What is the most dangerous part of being a security guard?

Lorenz’s Avatar
Lorenz Apr 15 303 views

What group activities are there in Administration?

Administrative Assistants, in my understanding, do their work independently. Are there times that you work as a group? Are there group-bonding activities? How often do groups form and change?

Lorenz’s Avatar
Lorenz Apr 15 295 views

How do you handle overtime?

Is there overtime as an Administrative Assistant? Are there times when you need to go places outside of work hours? Do you bring work home and can you work from home?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Apr 15 342 views

How long did it take you to do what you did?

let me know how so i can understand?

Lorenz’s Avatar
Lorenz Apr 15 407 views

How do you stay cordial with a client that gets emotional?

As a Secretary or Administrative Assistant, customers and clients come to you as the face of the company and can be emotional. How do you deal with them? How do you calm them down?

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan Apr 15 472 views

how do you become successful?

tips so i can learn about it?

Marina’s Avatar
Marina Apr 15 192 views

Would it be smart to take a medical admin trade to work in a mental institution?

I want to work in a mental institution/ hospital so I just want to know if it's good to take medical admin or medical assistant as a trade for that.

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