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Greeley, Colorado

Within 40 mile radius
Kyleigh’s Avatar
Kyleigh 2 days ago 357 views

What is the number one way to pass your college classes?

yep this is really stupid now that I am done

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jan 17 559 views

What is a good university for me?

As a medical student, what is a good university in the US for someone with average grades, but also college credits, Eagle Scout rank and progressing with the congressional Medal of Honor?

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Dec 12, 2023 349 views

What's the most important factor when considering a career ?

I'm very undecided in what I should do in life and I wanna make sure I don't make a mistake with something as important as my future.

Beka’s Avatar
Beka Oct 11, 2023 337 views

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

How do I apply for financial aid? I filled out FAFSA but I'm not sure what to do with it.

Kalkidan’s Avatar
Kalkidan Oct 08, 2023 135 views

How can i stop stressing?

How do I make my parents happy and how can I help myself not to stress so much which the condition I'm in every time I have home work or test when I try to study I always struggle and stress and I cry .

Purple’s Avatar
Purple Oct 08, 2023 121 views

What should you know ?what should you focus on for cosmatology?

What do you need to know school-wise do cosmetology for example math chemistry what background knowledge will be helpful for a successful cosmatology career tell me your perspective

Alivia’s Avatar
Alivia Sep 16, 2023 229 views

To all pediatric oncologists: what keeps you motivated whenever you encounter a terminal child?

I have wanted to become a pediatric oncologist for 4 years now. But, whenever I describe my aspirations to an adult or mentor, they tell me that it will be too hard and mentally taxing. So, what keeps you going whenever the job brings you down?

Stacey’s Avatar
Stacey Sep 07, 2023 453 views

how do you build skill?

how can you get better at a task what are the steps to this? How can you build better skills and get better without stressing out and procrastinating?

S’s Avatar
S Aug 22, 2023 318 views

How high should I shoot for my colleges or universities to apply for Is anything too far or too close??

I don’t think there can be any too far colleges but it depends on the applicant and which colleges applications they want to pay for.

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Jul 15, 2023 198 views

how am i supposed to prepare for a career in the military outside of my major in college?

What solid i do to prepare myself for the challenges of finding a career after college

September’s Avatar
September Jul 03, 2023 174 views

What to expect when going to a medical college?

What to expect when going to a medical college?

RJ’s Avatar
RJ Jun 28, 2023 222 views

What pathways, scholarships, schools, and careers do you recommend for a student interested in helping others in either a medical or psychological way?

I am a 9th grader and a part of the medicare pathway at the Career Elevation and Technology Center. I love helping people and don't want to be around a computer the whole day. I have thought about being a pediatrician, as I love little kids, as well as a psychologist. However, I would love to...

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Jun 13, 2023 205 views

What is it like to be a registered Nurse?

What is the education to become a registered nurse like? Is university of Colorado school of medicine and red rocks community college a good starting point? Does being a registered nurse help people? do they get good work hours to where you can still spend time with family?

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Jun 13, 2023 134 views

How do I find a job that doesn’t care how old I am?

I am 1 year below the law of working. I just want a job that pays me minimum wage and has nice employees.

Kai’s Avatar
Kai Jun 09, 2023 303 views

Hi Im 16 years old going to be a senior next year my question is how can I become a Nurse without having to go to a four year college Can I become one through a community college and if so what kinds of fields can I go into??

I want to be a nurse just don’t know what field to be in and what my options are.

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