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Markham, Ontario, Canada

Within 40 mile radius
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Vedant Sep 10 63 views

Questions about astrophysics?

Hi, I'm looking for somebody working in astrophysics willing to answer some questions I had about that career stream (just so I know what it's like working in it).

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Vedant Aug 11 72 views

How did you prepare for this career in terms of education and training? What traits of yours led to choosing this career path?

Looking for answers from more science based careers - i.e. Paramedicine, astronomy, botany, zoology, physicists.

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Rose Jul 15 136 views

Where to learn to sing for free ?

I want to get better at singing but I can’t join any particular classes as I don’t have time any particular YouTube channel or site to learn singing??

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Rhianna Jul 08 101 views

What is the stress levels of any obsetric nurses?

I am highly interested in pursuing a career in Nicu nursing or L& D nursing, what is the stress level like and would you say its overall worth it ( dothe cons outweigh the pros)?

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Rose Jul 07 112 views

How to manage time for K-pop training and university ?

How should I manage Time if I get training of singing and dancing and pursue bachelors in non music field .how to self study and do everything orderly ??

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Rose Jul 07 87 views

How does day in life of K-pop idols look like ?

How the daily schedule look like of bts ,Blackpink they get rest and personal time for family ?

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Rose Jun 22 172 views

How to know reality of future in kpop !!??

Why only a few K-pop groups are famous why is it so uncertain to become an idol how should i choose even if I have interest how to take a chance it’s difficult !

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Rose Jun 22 111 views

How should I choose?

I really wanna become a K-pop idol but my parents want me to do engineering I can become a trainee at the same time but I don’t know how things might work ! Is it really A good choice ?? I’m doubtful because some idols don’t get that much fame so it will be so bad if I leave a job I’m so tensed

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Rose Jun 02 171 views

should I become a K-pop idol or pursue my higher studies in a good university?

I can’t decide what i should do I’m really very confused and stressed which one should I choose I love singing should I become a K-pop idol or pursue my higher studies in a good university please help me out!

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Rose Jun 02 125 views

How is the life of K-pop idols in reality?

How is the life of K-pop idols in reality how their routine looks like in real life pros and cons of becoming idol please help me

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Kelton May 11 72 views

Hardest thing in the med field?

Like what has struggled you the most?

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Rhianna Apr 11 139 views

What is It like being an International Travel Nurse?

How do you get into this field? Can you practice any nursing specialty and go into this field? Competitiveness and average job salary? Any other general advice?

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Apr 11 191 views

What is the pathway to becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist?

General advice for getting into these careers? What does it take to get into them? What type of person do you need to be? Job satisfaction?

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Apr 11 147 views

How do you become a Forensic nurse?

I am highly interested in the field of forensic nursing but don't feel like there is much information on ir. What do the jobs of Sexual Assault Examiners, and Forensic Nurse Death Investigators entail? Can you be a Forensic Nurse practitioner? And what does it really take to enter this field?

Rhianna’s Avatar
Rhianna Mar 05 156 views

What is any advice for becoming a Speech-language pathologist in Ontario?

What should I major in for undergrad that can also be a good degree on its own? What is this subject like? What are the Pros and Cons of this profession? What are some entry-level job salaries?

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