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Michale O. Aug 30, 2019 222 views

What is the best part about being a veterinarian?

I have always loved animals for as long as I can remember, and now that I have discovered an interest in medicine as well, becoming a veterinarian is my largest educational goal. Now that I am a junior, I am starting to prepare more and more for my future, and I would love to know what the best...

#veterinary #veterinarian #veterinary-medicine #animals

Theertha D.’s Avatar
Theertha D. Aug 08, 2019 140 views
MeMe D.’s Avatar
MeMe D. May 15, 2016 349 views

Are there ways to pay off your student debt through medical school?

I know it can get expensive and medical school can cost a lot of money, but is it true that you can go to rural places or even other countries to pay of your student debt? #hospital-and-health-care #medicine #doctor #college #career...


Kefuwe M.’s Avatar
Kefuwe M. Aug 18 76 views

why did you choose to be an IT Technician?

I'm intrested in knowing more....


sambhav G.’s Avatar
sambhav G. Sep 14 61 views

Does anyone know anyone that would let me shadow a mechanical engineer?

I am a sophomore at ODU majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I have experience in sales, customer service, as well as food service. I am currently taking coding classes on the side to add to my resume. Please let me know if there is anyone in the Hampton Roads area or Washington DC area that is...

#mechanicalengineer #shadow #student #college

Jenise B.’s Avatar
Jenise B. Jan 18, 2018 348 views

Better relationship with Advisor?

I want to interact with my advisor better. I know going more to their office is a way to do that but I'm not sure what to ask them about. What are some general topics that would spark communication? #academic-advising...


Joseph L.’s Avatar
Joseph L. May 19, 2016 405 views

What is the best strategy to save up and raise money for school?

I want to be smart with my money when I graduate from school. #finance #student-loans...


Joy B.’s Avatar
Joy B. Jul 30, 2018 176 views

Are there natural remedies for most diseases and ailments?

I want to become a medicinal chemist; however, I would like to create medicines through plants. Thus, I would like to know if anyone has discovered any plants that have healing properties. #scientist #medicine...


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Kefuwe M. Aug 18 60 views
Kefuwe M.’s Avatar
Kefuwe M. Aug 20 62 views

importance of process of elimination in a computer?

Intrested in knowing more about IT...


Kefuwe M.’s Avatar
Kefuwe M. Aug 18 45 views
Rushal P.’s Avatar
Rushal P. Mar 31, 2017 2421 views

Why does a transformer work only with AC power supply? What would happen if it was connected to a DC power supply?

From my understanding of how a transformer works. A AC power provides an alternating magnetic field which drives the current to the other coil. So what is the reason why transformers only work with AC and not DC power? Is it because the DC power will provide constant current which can be too...

#electrical-engineering #engineering #physics #mechanical-engineering

Genna P.’s Avatar
Genna P. Mar 08, 2018 291 views

Are SAT and ACT scores more relevant than GPA and overall grades when it comes to college admissions?

Since a lot of high schools weight their GPAs differently, and since SATs and ACTs are standardized, I was wondering which aspect makes more of a difference when applying to colleges. #testing #sat #gpa #college...


Theertha D.’s Avatar
Theertha D. Aug 06, 2019 100 views

what are the steps to become a pediatrician?

I am senior at high school. My aspiration is to become a doctor . #doctor...


Amanda C.’s Avatar
Amanda C. Aug 29, 2018 263 views

What should you do if you want to switch majors?

Will it be extremely expensive if you change your mind on what you want to do? I'm indecisive and I'm afraid I'll put myself into debt if I decide I don't want to be a pharmacist anymore. I don't know how the process works. Should I just suck it up and stay with it? #college...


Jowell M.’s Avatar
Jowell M. Jun 10 535 views

Any advice for a upcoming college freshman?

I will be attending Old Dominion University majoring in Cytotechnology #college...


Saraphina M.’s Avatar
Saraphina M. Dec 10, 2017 351 views

How can you know which career you want?

I am confused with my career choice. I know that I want to be an engineer but I still don't know which field should I specialize in. I just love everything about engineering especially chemical, aeronautics and IT. I can't decide. #engineering #career-choice #career...


Janis S.’s Avatar
Janis S. Jan 29 153 views

What credentials did you have when you entered the working medical field for a medical administrative assistant

Hello, Currently, I am a CMAA student at Thomas Nelson in Williamsburg, VA. I have a bachelor's degree in human services and a minor in business management. I also, have a few years of experience working in a office where I learned most of the skills needed to work as a CMAA. #medical...


Divine B.’s Avatar
Divine B. Jan 21, 2018 430 views

As a educator, how do you make sure to effectively communicate to each student?

I know all students learn differently, especially students with special needs. For future reference I am curious as to how does one make sure that you communicate effectively with each student, so that they all learn and understand. #special-education #being-an-elementary-teacher...

#elementary-education #education

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Kristina H. Jan 17, 2018 266 views

Recommendations for journalism student?

If any of y'all are journalism students, I'm trying to get into digital/magazine journalism and I'm hoping someone has suggestions of good internship or work study ideas to help me get further in that field? what type of college extracurriculars should i be on the lookout for? #journalism...

#college-major #magazines #online-journalism

Daisha D.’s Avatar
Daisha D. Jan 29 99 views
Darlie C.’s Avatar
Darlie C. Oct 24, 2018 282 views

What are some things that I should study for SAT in order to increase my score by 250 points

My sat grade the first time wasn’t that I’m trying to bring it up to at least a 1100 any pointers #college-admissions #testing...


Theertha D.’s Avatar
Theertha D. Aug 06, 2019 122 views
Isabella G.’s Avatar
Isabella G. Oct 09, 2018 221 views

Live on campus or commute?

I am planning on attending a college near me, and I am currently trying to decide if it would be in my best interest to commute to that college or live on campus. It is my understanding that commuting is cheaper, and that's a huge pro for me, however, I am afraid I will not get the experience...

#campuslife #college-advice #commute

Derion P.’s Avatar
Derion P. Jan 23, 2019 217 views

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