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Paterson, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
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James yesterday 241 views

what did you want to become future?

i want to become a professional footballer like Robert Lewandowski.He is from Poland and he play for Barcelona in Spain

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Surina 2 days ago 364 views

Lawyer or Doctor?

I was wondering which profession is better and can help with better opportunities. I need to start preparing early and figuring out what to do since it is complicated being a current seventh grader, almost eighth grader, figuring out my career.

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Surina 2 days ago 518 views

How do I choose the career I want to pursue?

I’m going into 8th grade in the fall as a honors student and most high schools in New York are based on certain professions and skills. How can I choose high school without knowing what I want to be when I grow up?

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Joshua 2 days ago 113 views

How do I find a talent agent and can I have one at my age 14?

I want to know how to find a talent agent and if I’m old enough to have one.

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Joshua Jun 10 276 views

I’d it possible to become an actor at 14 and if so how?

I’ve been wanting to be in the entertainment business for my whole life. Now that I’m 14 and have some skills I want to know how I can make this a possibility.

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jun 10 371 views

How do I get my screenplay to be produced and do I make profit off of it ?

I’m writing a screenplay about a married couple. The husband cheats on his wife with his assistances and his wife finds out and kills them. After killing her husband and getting caught she kills herself. I honestly think that the screenplay is good so far and I think it could do well. I just...

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Timi Jun 10 294 views

What is Email Marketing all about?

Email marketing

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isabella Jun 09 256 views

How do I pursue a career in journalism?

I'm 17, going to be a senior this fall, and I've been passionate about the field of journalism and social justice since I was very young. While I love the field, I know they make little to no money, especially because I want to be an independent journalist that covers dangerous topics later in...

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Itzel Jun 09 342 views

what are your STEM career experiences?

Im really into math, physics, and computer science and its something I want to do when I'm older however I've never met someone in these fields besides teachers, so career wise I'm confused. Could some of you tell me about your careers and what you do? I want to see what would suit me.

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Khalia Jun 06 808 views

How to become an nicu nurse?

Graduate high school first
Go to a college and take up that major
Get a 4year college degree
Go to nursing school

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Kate Jun 06 1921 views

How do I identify a fulfilling career?

With the numerous career options how can on find a fulfilling one.

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Emilka Jun 06 433 views

What are the requirements to take AP Biology?

I moved to a new school 2 years ago and they couldn't put me in advanced for sciences due to me being a new students. I really want to be in this class in 2 years and I'm taking normal biology right now. I'm not sure what I have to do since I'm not in advanced.

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Emilka Jun 06 1858 views

What are some good colleges besides ivy-leagues that are good for a biology major?

Trying to look into some!

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dan Jun 05 1885 views

how can manage my business in collge?

business mnanagement tips?

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Amy Jun 05 2348 views

what is the career path for software engineer ?

Need help navigating career choice after high school

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