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Crisbel D.’s Avatar
Crisbel D. Nov 29 32 views

Is possible to study two carrers at the same time?

I like voice acting and I volunteer a lot I'm trying to get into the honor roll. But I dont think i have the money to go to university and really frustrating college acting...


Jake V.’s Avatar
Jake V. Nov 15 111 views

What do engineers really do? What is it look like to be an engineer and how does the industry work?

I am struggling in first year engineering and needs a perspective on the program I am pursuing. I don't know if engineering is for me at all. I don't want to switch majors because I do not know what program I want to pursue but at the same time I do not know how to survive engineering school....

college engineering

Ruveyda A.’s Avatar
Ruveyda A. Oct 30 75 views
Ruveyda A.’s Avatar
Ruveyda A. Oct 27 45 views

What is the best undergraduate program for Naturopathic medicine?

I am interested in nutrition, biology, psychology and chemistry. medicine doctor naturopath...


Weam A.’s Avatar
Weam A. Jul 02 205 views

How do I apply for a job when I have no work experience or have done any volunteer work?

I am a newcomer and find it hard to start. I need to start building my resume. resume volunteer...


Danell L.’s Avatar
Danell L. Mar 17 256 views

What are some jobs in the dental field that do not require an extreme amount of schooling?

I was looking into dental hygiene, but i’m afraid my parents are going to be disappointed because they want me to look for a job that earns more money. dental-hygienist dental dentistry dental-hygiene...


Melinda S.’s Avatar
Melinda S. Mar 09 297 views

How do I become a Criminal Investigator in Canada?

I'd love to know how I can become a criminal investigator, and I'd love to know the process and what it looks like. I also wanna know "Do I have to be a police officer to be a criminal investigator?" My Questions: How much do they get paid a year? Do I have to be a police officer first?...

janitor pro dcnaada kerala actors criminalinvestagator in police hit exams anyone

Tanin A.’s Avatar
Tanin A. Mar 06 163 views

What is it like to be an on screen actor

I am very passionate for acting, I have done auditions virtually and got rejected once and the other ones are to hold for future references, I hate the process of becoming a successful actor, because of rejection which is overwhelming but im scared If ever become successful, onto red carpets...

acting actress actor film-acting

sara P.’s Avatar
sara P. Mar 04 143 views

I wanna become a Psychologist ( social worker) but I'm not sure how to start off.

I'm only a grade 10 student who still doesn't have a job because im trying to get good mark because in grade 9 i kinda lacked everything but now im doing soo much better and I always wanted to become a psychologist but not sure how i should start it like i wanna learn about it alot but im not...

help helpagain psychologist

Joshi R.’s Avatar
Joshi R. Feb 21 176 views

Guidance for study

Hi I want to become a physiotherapist and now I'm doing diploma in fitness and health promotion so can you please guide me to my goal how to achieve it and what are requirements and duration for that please help me. health physiotherapist...


Sophina L.’s Avatar
Sophina L. Feb 18 200 views

What courses should I take in highschool to get a job in the medical field? (nurse, surgeon, doctor, etc.)

I'm a freshman in highschool and I want to make sure I choose the right courses in gr. 11 and 12 so I can possibly get a job in the medical field. highschool medical nurse surgeon doctor courses surgery professionals...


Favor S.’s Avatar
Favor S. Feb 16 131 views

How do I know what career to choose?

-love reading, music, math...


Viv W.’s Avatar
Viv W. Feb 14 161 views

What does your day look like as a teacher, NOT during covid-19?

I'd like to be a teacher in a specific subject, and I'm interested in history, french & geography. history...


James D.’s Avatar
James D. Jan 29 116 views

Im looking to pursue a career in the NFL working in the front office, do you think I should look at going to school for Law, Sports management or both?

I'm in 10th grade and I would really enjoy pursuing a job in sports management because I love football and want to work in the front office of an NFL team. Also wondering what another degree instead of sports management would help like law maybe?nfl...


James D.’s Avatar
James D. Jan 29 144 views

Do I have a shot at becoming a GM in the NFL or any big positions in the team's front office?

I'm in 10th grade and I would really enjoy pursuing a job in sports management because I love football and basketball and want to work in the front office of an NFL team. Also wondering what another degree instead of sports management would help like law maybe? nfl...


Kae E.’s Avatar
Kae E. Jan 15 235 views

Can I become an NP and then become an Paediatrician? And how would I do that

I want to become a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner but I’ve been thinking for the idea of becoming an Paediatrician can I become a nurse get my degree and license then go to med school? How long would it take me? How would I go about doing that? nurse pre-med...


lakshitha P.’s Avatar
lakshitha P. Jan 11 241 views

How to Fix Avast High CPU Usage

Avast High CPU Usage: Why does the Avast service use such a high CPU avast high cpu usage general...


Dara A.’s Avatar
Dara A. Dec 09, 2020 170 views

If I'm planning to go to an ivy league school do I need to take science? I planning to double major in performing arts and law?

I'm Canadian and i'm required to take Grade 9 and 10 science. Do I also need to take physics, biology, or chemistry in grade 11 and 12. high-school high-school-classes Law performing...

Jersey S.’s Avatar
Jersey S. Dec 03, 2020 221 views

Why Design?

Hi! I just want to ask all of you designers out there, "why did you choose design?". Why did you choose it as a career path? I have always loved design but when a person asks me why I chose it, I seem to have the answer but it's stuck at the back of my mind. I am hoping to have some insights so...

artist user-experience graphic-design design designers career-path

Jersey S.’s Avatar
Jersey S. Nov 16, 2020 337 views

How is the life as a graphic designer? Specifically in areas of package, web or ux design??

I am pursuing graphic design in post-secondary. I am contemplating whether I should focus on package, web, or user experience design. Although, I am kind of leaning more towards user experience so any insights on how is it look would be really appreciated. Thanks! web-design graphics...

package-design ux-design graphic-design arts ui-design graphic-designer user-experience design givingiscaring

Gulab S.’s Avatar
Gulab S. Nov 13, 2020 187 views

Is easy to get a job for international students in North America?

What are the main hurdles they may have to face to get to the job according to their study field? GivingsCare knowledge job field...


Katherine T.’s Avatar
Katherine T. Nov 10, 2020 381 views

What is corporate banking like?

Would love to hear your experience as a corporate banker and pros/cons. Could you please share some advice for a student wanting to go into this field - how they can prepare etc. Thank you so much! career bank...


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