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Totowa, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
hannah’s Avatar
hannah 11 hours ago 312 views

what is the best place t earn and learn english?

english tips in career

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Naana 18 hours ago 292 views

What do I have to major in and do in college to become a pediatrician.What can I do now??

I’m a sophomore in high school and would like to start researching colleges and studying now to make the process easier

Saman’s Avatar
Saman yesterday 264 views

High School Summer programs in NJ?

Hi! I applied to a few but not many popular summer programs for high schoolers and didn't match with most of them. Now I'm freaking out over not having much to do over the summer especially since its before my junior year. Ive been looking for summer programs or internships for juniors in high...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael yesterday 219 views

how do beginner animators start?

just the basics

Maxine’s Avatar
Maxine yesterday 328 views

Where can I find internships that accept people with no prior work experience?

junior in highschool. not sure what career I want to do. want experience before going to college.

Xin Hui’s Avatar
Xin Hui yesterday 356 views

How can I better understand myself for my future career?

I am in 10th and i’m really lost in life about what I should do. I like creative jobs, science and business.

Crest’s Avatar
Crest yesterday 307 views

What path should I start with to become a doctor?

What do I learn to become a doctor in 6th grade. I currently use Kahn Academy to study biology. Sadly I am unsure on how to continue what is my next step. Further I am worried with this job as there could be blood and death. I am also confused on why my parents get mad when I play video games.

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Christina yesterday 412 views



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Grace yesterday 218 views

How to choose a better career?

How can make a good decision when choosing a career

epiphany’s Avatar
epiphany 2 days ago 143 views

Can you still get a job in the medical field if you have average grades?

I’m a sophomore in high school who wants to be a nurse, but my grades are alright. i’m trying to work harder, but people around me tell me that my chances of getting into a good college are slim.

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha 2 days ago 124 views

Where is the best place to study about animals?

I really want to work with animals but I don’t know where to start?

laura’s Avatar
laura 2 days ago 297 views

How can I manage my time in school?

How can I manage my time in school when I still have extra curricular activities waiting for me and side job or gigs I have to hussle out for money again?

austin’s Avatar
austin 2 days ago 164 views

how can get justice in my city?

justice tips

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Osita 2 days ago 115 views

How can I get a career in Literature ?

How can I get a good career in art cause I love reading books and also literature in English
I also love the books because it helps me understand and see through other people point of view

G’s Avatar
G 2 days ago 210 views

where should i start to get into the film industry?

please help

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