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Angel May 09 500 views

Mechanical Engineers, What was the reason you choose Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineers, what was the reason you chose to graduate as a mechanical engineer?, do you like your career? As a job?, do you think you made the right choice picking mechanical engineering instead of civil, software, etc. (other branches of engineering). Im a high school student that...

Fahmida Jannat’s Avatar
Fahmida Jannat Mar 16 609 views

What major should I go for ?

I have always been interested in mathematics and physics. After graduating from 12th grade, I have discovered that I'm really good at mathematics, though I used to get over 95% in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. I know getting a good score isn't everything in a career; there are so many...

Josaiah’s Avatar
Josaiah May 16, 2023 373 views

Why does the compensation start so low for electricians at entry level?

I'm just wondering and I know that it can reach six figures at some point.

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Raynah May 19, 2023 379 views

How do I try to become an engineer?

What are all of the high school classes I should be taking to learn about the types of engineering there are and ensure I take the correct classes to become one.

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Esteban May 17, 2023 245 views

How long did your training/schooling take to become an automotive engineer? What were the steps you took in order to took that job?

My career is an automotive engineer and this is for a assignment. It would be great if you would answer thanks.

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Esteban May 17, 2023 241 views

Which soft skills are essential for a career as an automotive engineer? What made you stand out above other applicants?

My career is an automotive engineer and this is for a assignment. It would be great if you would answer thanks.

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CareerVillage Office Hours May 16, 2023 211 views

How can you write a resume for your dream job?

I am in college. My career exploration journey is computer engineering with machines in hospitals.

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

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amir May 10, 2023 1073 views

How would you describe the pros and cons of being an architect?

I'm Amir and I'm 17

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Isaac May 12, 2023 1072 views

What kind of problems do electrical engineers often face and how do you solve them?

What kinds of problems can one face? Physical, emotional, mental?

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caleb May 09, 2023 527 views

how many years of school would you need to get a job as a mechanical engineer at NASA?

I would love to get a job at NASA when I get older how many years of school would I need?

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Jaslene May 14, 2023 367 views

Any advice/opinions?

Hello! Im Jas, im a sophomore, and i have a question. I want to study in the animation field once im in college, But i have multiple things i want to learn aswell other then animation, how do i go about that? i also need help managing my money and emotions, any advice?

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Omari May 11, 2023 202 views

what are the pro and cons of be an electrician?

Omari,19 age