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Abigail yesterday 538 views

How does a college degree work ?

How do I get into the college that I want?

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m 2 days ago 218 views

What do I do if I can't pick a college major?

I have many subjects/fields I am interested in and I can't narrow it down. What if I did an interdisciplinary/design-your-own major? Will that look okay to employers?

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Rowan Jul 16 497 views

I'm figuring out my major. What careers are best if I want to help people ?

My focus especially would be on teens or children who had it rough and giving them the safe environment to heal grow and have the resources to thrive. What majors fit that best and what would be the requirements and step by steps?

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Christina Jul 14 925 views

Where do I begin to start over?

How do I begin? I am a teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Learning and Development from the University of Texas and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Stephen F. Austin University. I am looking for a change in careers, and want to pursue my dream of being in the...

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NataliaAa Jul 10 305 views

What are the least convenient careers to study in the future, with the arrival of artificial intelligence?

What are the least convenient careers to study in the future, with the arrival of artificial intelligence?

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Meghana Jul 05 347 views

What are some helpful minors for Biotechnology majors?

I am interested in the biotech field and hoping to pursue bioinformatics track.

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Emily Jul 01 307 views

how can you be definite the major you chose is right for you personally as someone who is going to college this upcoming fall?

any advice at all?

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Noelani Jun 30 417 views

What should a person starting with community college do to become an optometrist ?

I am a just graduated high school student, and I want to become an optometrist. I personally don't have great vision and use glasses everyday of my life, which has caused me to get interested in the study of the eyes and to then want to go to school for optometry. After high school, I am...

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Salma Jun 21 337 views

How many degrees and years of school are needed to become an immigration lawyer?

I want to know what requirements I must achieve in order to live my dream of helping unite families and bring peace to immigrants

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Alaric Jun 24 402 views

What should I major in? I am stuck between three options.

Summary: I like quantum mechanics and how it relates to chemistry and of course, physics, but pure math also captivates me. I’m having trouble deciding between three majors. The majors are math, physics, and chemistry. For some background, I am a rising freshman in high school. I have...

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Camari Jun 22 342 views

How do I find jobs/internships in my preferred career path (interior design), ? What class should I take in college to go along with interior design being my major? Why is this a good long term career choice?

9th grade I was in Principles of Architecture, 10th- Graphic Design, and 11th/12th- Interior Design 1 & 2. I have the knowledge, but getting the experience hasn’t been easy.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jun 22 201 views

How many people switch majors in college ?

Is it common to be incorrect about what major you think you will stick with? Also, when people do switch majors, is it usually to a similar field? Wondering for the future!

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Camila Jun 17 352 views

What is a major? What majors are there?

I’m a high school student and I don’t know what career path I want to pursue. But I would like to get to know the majors and at least want to have some in mind so I can do research and get ride some so I can pick a major.

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Surina Jun 11 533 views

Lawyer or Doctor?

I was wondering which profession is better and can help with better opportunities. I need to start preparing early and figuring out what to do since it is complicated being a current seventh grader, almost eighth grader, figuring out my career.

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Mayra May 23 285 views

How much was University for you, what do I expect?

I am a first generation student with no money and no financial savings. I would like to know for everyone how was school for all of you? How much did it cost? What would be the starter kit for university?