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Suraya Sep 21 96 views

what major should i do if i want to be a nurse practitioner ?

what major should i do if i want to be a nurse practitioner

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Rhyian Sep 21 57 views

What is the difference between a college major and minor?

I'm considering universities and I was sure I wanted to major in neuroscience, but one of my desired schools only has a neuroscience minor. I'm not sure what the differences are and how having a minor versus major degree will affect my career options.

Julianna’s Avatar
Julianna Sep 02 79 views

What are some good ways to find and research colleges when your major isn’t particularly common?

The major I’m currently looking at is production and design but more specifically costumes and I’m struggling to find schools.

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Jeremy Aug 24 80 views

Where should I go to college if I want to major in pt?

Top colleges that have a good program for physical therapy or physical training.

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Zachary Aug 08 111 views

What college major and classes should I take if I want to become a neurosurgeon ?

When I’m in college what major should I decide to do if I want to become a neurosurgeon and what classes should I take in so it’ll be more helpful in the future

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Aug 09 108 views

What is my career-plan for becoming a physical therapist?

I want to become a physical therapist but I want to plan now so I know what to expect when I actually start to go through that plan.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jul 27 80 views

How do I choose the best major for me?

How do I choose the best major for me?

R’s Avatar
R Jun 25 88 views

Are online courses worth the time?

I'm going to be doing Bsc Biomedical Science in the fall as a freshman. It's a pretty vast field and it's not known to be very prospective right after an undergrad degree. I am planning to do a post-grad degree but I heard online courses in important fields like business and computer science...

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Neha Jun 25 192 views

I am confused about my career, any advice?

Hi, I am Neha. I have done my Masters in Hospitality and Tourism and later was working as a restaurant manager for almost two years. Recently I started work with a hotel chain as Reservations consultant but my interest lies in tourism industry and to be specific, into airlines. Since I don't...

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Rachel Jun 19 127 views

Is writing a good personal statement necessary for admission?

Good evening respected peers. My name is Rachel, a college student. I am seeking admission to a good university nowadays. I have applied to 2 universities and they are asking me to submit my documents along with an admission essay or a personal statement. I wanted to ask if I write that, what...

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jun 18 173 views

What is a good way to enter the computer science field?

I'm in high school and I want to know how to reach further into the computer science field and what classes can further accel me more into the course.

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jun 17 238 views

what would you say to a college freshman?

What is your best advice for someone who is about to be a freshman in college?

Jabar’s Avatar
Jabar May 28 144 views

What Career is best for me?

I'm currently enrolled in a college as a freshman and I'm struggling to find a major. I am considering a History, Political Science, or maybe an urban studies major. But I'm also struggling to find a career I would like to do as unlike a college major, I don't really have a idea what I want to...

Anne’s Avatar
Anne May 20 122 views

How did you know which field you wanted to work in, and then what job to pick within that field?

I am interested in criminal justice and agricultural jobs. They both interest me for different reasons. I feel like they are both fun and could be extremely rewarding as jobs. I am looking to pick a major so as I go into high school I can build my transcript so I look better for colleges and...

Alix’s Avatar
Alix May 20 92 views

How do you apply for colleges and/or scholarships?

And can you apply while still in high school. I just graduated as a junior and I’m moving onto my senior year so I was wondering you could talk classes while still in high school and transfer immediately after graduation.