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Abhishree’s Avatar
Abhishree Jun 15, 2023 294 views

which MBA is better one with work experience or without experience?

some people say nowadays an MBA degree is of no use and better to learn on the job as MBA does not provide partial knowledge

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jun 20, 2023 847 views

When should I get an MBA After I have had a full-time job or right after undergrad?

I am a rising junior in college and I am also wondering if I should take the GRE as opposed to the GMAT.?

allaya’s Avatar
allaya Jul 27, 2023 622 views

is getting an undergraduate in economics and then an mba, a good choice?

and what are the job prospects and the types of jobs i can get?

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Oct 14, 2023 589 views

Howard MBA or Johns Hopkins MBA?

I am trying to choose between these two MBA programs (Howard or Johns Hopkins). Does anyone know the main differences between these two programs? I am specifically interested in the "online"/part time version of each program. Thank you!

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Dec 05, 2023 422 views

Where can I find and/or apply to MBA scholarships ?

Where can I find MBA scholarships as a minority woman and/or human being in general? I also am curious how to find scholarships for graduate programs too. Links and guidance are appreciated.

William’s Avatar
William Feb 10 628 views

What's the best college plan to get into a management field?

Say I want to get a management position in the Software Development field. Should I get a bachelor's degree in Computer Science first, and then get an MBA? Should I do this while working/internship or focus on just getting the MBA?

Ashwini’s Avatar
Ashwini Feb 21 892 views

Is it true that it is easy for IITians to get into MBA programmes in top business schools abroad? Is it impossible for students from other institutes (like MSRIT, etc.) who are equally qualified with GMAT scores?

I've heard that most of the students from india who get into mba programmes abroad are IITians and very few of the students of other institutes in India get into the same programme. Is it a myth or reality and why?

James’s Avatar
James 2 days ago 280 views

How to not get stressed out from college

classes and outside life

sheldon’s Avatar
sheldon Apr 12 212 views

what are the signs of success?

i want to know if i have them

Adekunle’s Avatar
Adekunle Apr 12 211 views

What should i consider when choosing career?

Career in life as a prerequisite stage

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Apr 12 213 views

any advice about where can i learn new skill?

any advice about where can i learn new skill?

betty’s Avatar
betty Apr 12 200 views

what is the best engineering course?

career tips

Sam’s Avatar
Sam Apr 12 223 views

What is the best way to start getting experience in IT?

Not sure if it's important, but I want add I'm currently working towards the CompTIA A+ certification.

Princess’s Avatar
Princess Apr 09 318 views

What are the factors to considerwhilestarting a business?

What are the factors to consider while starting a business??

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Feb 04 283 views

Is working a full-time job that hard ?

Is working a full-time job that hard ?