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Ibrahim’s Avatar
Ibrahim Sep 20, 2023 259 views

When should you get a job?

What age should you get one?

Damian’s Avatar
Damian Sep 20, 2023 644 views

What is the best way to get into a commercial construction career path?

I want to take a 4 year apprenticeship as that seems to be the best thing but just want to know if that's correct.

Infires’s Avatar
Infires Sep 08, 2023 2664 views

What are your future plans and a human being, how do you plan to make yourself or the world better, why do you feel this is a need, when are you going to start these dreams.?

What inspires you?

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Sep 04, 2023 248 views

how can I start my career in animating?

I have always loved drawing but I am wondering how i can start my career in drawing or animating

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Sep 05, 2023 521 views

How many years would it take to major in architecture ?

How many years would it take to major in architecture ?

Tanna’s Avatar
Tanna Aug 29, 2023 477 views

What is the hardest part into becoming an engineer ?

I want to be an aerospace engineer and i’d like to know in advance what will be the hardest

john’s Avatar
john Aug 07, 2023 888 views

How can I study for SAT and how to feel better about it?

hello, my name is John and I have the sat test coming up. I am extremely stressed and worried and don't know what to do about it. how can I study for it? what to expect and how to get a good score.

Sedrick’s Avatar
Sedrick Aug 04, 2023 462 views

How do I become the best welder I can?

From what I heard welders can make $20-30/hour on the low end by welding is this true? I also heard welders can make $60-100/hour by welding well I would like an answer to this question. How will welding affect my life, and will there be an opportunity for advancement in welding?

Carol’s Avatar
Carol Aug 04, 2023 242 views

How long does it typically take someone to become a mortician after graduating from highschool?

I plan on starting the process of becoming a mortician after graduating highschool this year so I want to know how long it takes so I can plan financially and base other decisions on how long it'll take.

jonathan’s Avatar
jonathan Aug 02, 2023 876 views

what kind of degrees do you need to be an FBI agent. and do you need money to accomplish that? and how what the payment rang from lowest to highest

I'm currently a student at job corps Sanjose I'm studying in sacerity but I'm not sure if I need to continue to collage or began in FBI academy

Princess’s Avatar
Princess Jul 28, 2023 311 views

What do you feel made you stand out as an applicant to the school you attend, or any scholarships you might have received?

I am a high school senior that is applying to very selective schools. I have high grades and many extracurriculars, but don’t all the other students? What do you think can make one stand out to a school?

Leslie’s Avatar
Leslie Jul 24, 2023 327 views

What is the best loan to take if my family doesn’t have much money? Should I take a subsidized or unsubsidized loan in addition to a private loan? What is a good interest rate for private loans?

Have never taken out a loan before. Family income is low to middle class.

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Jul 15, 2023 390 views

How do you draft the most fluent and organized essay for college admissions?

Hi! I’m a rising high school senior hoping to get the most information about college tips! Right now I’m drafting my main college essay, and this question would help a lot. Thanks to all!

minda’s Avatar
minda Jul 11, 2023 333 views

What kind if careers are good for people who are interested in business like me?

What kind if careers are good for people who are interested in business like me?

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn Jul 11, 2023 242 views

How do you start you collage career online ?

i’ve always wanted to graduate college but not go anywhere to do it. i want to do online so i can stay in the comfort of my own home and learn about my major.