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Bakersfield, California
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Alejandra Jan 06 736 views

Where should I start if I want to earn money by selling my art?

I'm a 19 year old high school graduate, I love to create art, I'm a self taught artist. I'm saving up money to be able to pay for college, but what I earn is not enough. I want to sell my art but don't know where to start.

Harshitha’s Avatar
Harshitha Sep 17, 2023 822 views

Is it advisable to include an "Interests" section on my resume as an experienced professional with a master's degree. Would this addition be perceived as unprofessional, considering it delves into aspects beyond my technical skills and qualifications??

Please guide me here. I just want to explore different approaches.

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Jan 05 463 views

How do you find friends who will be a good influence on you in high school?

I know a lot of people at my school and I'm unsure of how to weed out the ones who won't be great influences on me down the road. And once I figure out which ones I want to keep as friends, how do I respectfully distance myself from the ones I don't want to be friends with? Or should I try to...

Nia’s Avatar
Nia Jan 04 419 views

How can I approve on my art?

I want to get better at art but I'm stuck. Help?

Ellerie’s Avatar
Ellerie Jan 04 710 views

How do you decide what career to pursue? (Nursing, LA, Art)

(I'm currently in community college trying to better my gpa and explore topics) I'm interested in topics like sustainability, design, and health research, but I'm more of a creative person(drawing, painting, writing, singing). For my careers, I've been going between being a landscape architect...

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Dec 02, 2023 433 views

How to become a designer?

I want to know about how to become designer.

Charley’s Avatar
Charley Dec 27, 2023 960 views

Should I be an architect?

I really want to be an architect but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about it. I really like buildings and designing cool ones but I am debating if I should just chose a different career to do. I am 13 and I enjoy doing art, i like literature, and history but I do not like math or science. I’ve...

Azariyah’s Avatar
Azariyah Dec 11, 2023 496 views

How would I go about starting a business where I sell my art?

I'm 16 and want to sell my art but idk where to start. Do I need a lot of money to start?

Vanessa’s Avatar
Vanessa Dec 29, 2023 1701 views

Art schools?

?What schools are good for art on the east coast?

sophia’s Avatar
sophia Dec 29, 2023 845 views

School Struggles: Big Goals?

Hello, I'm a 14-year-old high school student facing some challenges with attendance and grades. I've had a history of truancy and a few suspensions, and I'm currently struggling in some classes. Despite this, I'm determined to aim for admission to either Choate Rosemary Hall or Phillips Exeter...

Estrella’s Avatar
Estrella Sep 16, 2023 122 views

is going into college for med hard?

i was thinking abt going to college for a nursing dgree will it be hard

Maren’s Avatar
Maren Sep 12, 2023 504 views

When should I start really thinking about college and my future? I feel very underwhelmed with the fact that I dont know what I am going to do in the future. I don't know what to do.

When should I start really thinking about college and my future? I feel very underwhelmed with the fact that I dont know what I am going to do in the future. I don't know what to do.

Quinn’s Avatar
Quinn Sep 16, 2023 712 views

What should I do after graduating high school?

I have no idea if I should go to college after I graduate high school. I have some college credits through dual enrollment, with one of them being an intro to engineering credit. I enjoy engineering and programming but I also love music and art. The biggest part of my decision right now is...

Noel’s Avatar
Noel Sep 16, 2023 300 views

When looking for scholarships can they follow you to any college you go to?

I am going to applying to scholarships and want to know how to tell which ones are going tofollow me ans which one only apply to certain states.

Charlotte’s Avatar
Charlotte Sep 02, 2023 435 views

How can I start my career in interior design?

I would like to become an interior designer but I don’t plan on going to a 4 year school, just something small. As a senior in high school what can be my first step?