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Jessica Clydesdale

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claire’s Avatar
claire Apr 17 775 views

what is a good sructure in business?

tips structire tipds

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Apr 23 430 views

Will I make more money in a startup or large IT company?

I understand risk reward applies to startups, does it apply to large IT companies as well ? Will I make more money there ?

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Apr 24 380 views

Has a career in marketing allowed you work in a variety of fields and industries If so, how similar or different was it to work in each field? #Spring24

As a high school senior finishing high school, and heading into college to study Business marketing, I’m curious about how versatile marketing can be.

Emmy’s Avatar
Emmy Apr 20 386 views

How do I grow?

I wish to be good at what I do (data analytics)

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Apr 20 555 views

How do I boost my business in economics ?

Business oriented

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 22 868 views

What are some entry-level marketing internships I should apply for? Which companies are currently recruiting?

I am located in San Francisco/ San Jose Bay Area

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Apr 25 648 views

Should I work full time during college?

For some background information I'm pretty broke. My family dosen't have the best circumstances and they're trying to invest in a new location for a resteraunt. I'm going to be attending Northeastern Oakland next school year and I'm wondering if I should work more than a federal work study. A...

Mercy’s Avatar
Mercy Apr 25 667 views

How do I become a professional business manager ?

Hi I'm 16yrs, I want to know what it takes to become a professional business manager

Monica’s Avatar
Monica Apr 25 573 views

Which is the best real estate course to take?

I would prefer suggestions of online courses. I plan to start this course while I'm in college.

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Apr 25 726 views

What is something that can help me figure out the career path I would want?

I really enjoy things that i can focus and get into the zone in and i just need to figure out what those things are

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Apr 26 601 views

How can I apply for internships ?

How do I go about applying for internships or entry level roles in a place or company I am very much interested to work in?
Thanks for your response in advance.

Oluwaseyi’s Avatar
Oluwaseyi Mar 29 503 views

How can i balance school with work?

How to balance trading with school works and also trying to get ideas on what to study (major) to go for in the future... I'd appreciate if someone puts me through it.

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Mar 12 775 views

How to set your goals?

How I would set my goals is to make sure my set it in the right path make my goal number one priority in my life take self care

Shaniya’s Avatar
Shaniya Apr 11 225 views

How do I ask Finacial Aid for more money to stay next semester?

I dont want to move back home but the school is expensive.

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus Apr 12 356 views

how to get a scholarship for my studies?

i need scholarships for my studies