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Kayla Larimore

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Detroit, Michigan
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Taylor Apr 21, 2020 1008 views

What could I do to sharpen my design skills RIGHT NOW?

What could I do to keep busy and productive, and keep my interior design skills sharp? Are there ways to design without going out? (I know that with COVID-19 around I won't have as many options.)#career #design #interior-design #any

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Nov 28, 2018 944 views

I'm feeling lost in my Public Relations studies, considering applying for an "executive assistant" position.

I have an internship at a student-run agency at my university but I feel like I'm still not getting "real world" experience. Two of my foundational classes for my major were with terrible professors that no longer work for the department and I don't want to prolong my graduation any longer/pay...

Nancy’s Avatar
Nancy Apr 20, 2020 2204 views

What company is doing remotely work?

I'm a college student and I work in school, even though they don't pay me that good. It enough to buy some snacks and it helps me pay some part of my tuition. Since my University shutdown and we're doing online classes, I can't afford to pay the rest of my fall semester class. I'm looking for...

ruth’s Avatar
ruth Mar 06, 2020 547 views

what type of work can we get

#office administration

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Mar 06, 2020 750 views

What is the best method not to get burnt out while studying for finals?

#studying-tips #study #college #finals #finals-week

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Mar 06, 2020 3271 views

How should you prepare for an interview?

#interviews #job-application #resume

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Feb 19, 2020 805 views

Outside of internships and reading literature, are their any ways to be productive during the summer as far as building a resume towards research as an undergraduate student?

Freshman undergraduate student studying psychology and neuroscience. #psychology #college #research

Ze’s Avatar
Ze Mar 04, 2020 672 views

What are the best books to read?

U of T student, biology and psychology major. #psychology #college #writing #college-major #criminal-justice

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Karla Mar 26, 2020 872 views

I would like to study something Human behaviour related

Hello! I am Karla, 29y/o and I have always being a people person, I love to listen to what people have to say, how they feel and how they are walking through life, and for the ones that want an opinion I am more than happy to share my experience on how I overcame something in my life. I always...