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Burlington, Wisconsin

Within 40 mile radius
Briseida’s Avatar
Briseida May 01, 2019 588 views

what is the most important part of being a surgeon?

#surgery #medicine #doctor #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

Allison’s Avatar
Allison Aug 17, 2018 525 views

Is a masters necessary for the stem field

I don’t know if I want my masters or just bachelors degree #women-in-tech

MC Frank’s Avatar
MC Frank Mar 01, 2016 836 views

Limited Career choice

.This must be a career limited to your state? #cannabis

montessa’s Avatar
montessa Feb 24, 2017 1109 views

What is the HRIS software program?

I am asking because I'm currently in school for an associate's degree in Human Resources. I have not come across this software program at all during my schooling. I'm wondering what it is, the functions of the software program, and are there any classes to take in order to use the program? I've...

Joselin’s Avatar
Joselin Apr 12, 2019 806 views

how many years to be an FBI agent

i want to know what it takes to become an FBI agent?
or study the minds of criminals
and i also want to help people #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #criminal

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Oct 23, 2016 3164 views

What is a day in the life of a pharmaceutical chemist like?

Having a family and having personal time is important to me, but so is having a successful career. How much time would I put into this job each week? Is overtime involved? Would I have time for a family? #pharmaceuticals #chemicals #pharmaceutical-industry #medicinal-chemistry

Aisha’s Avatar
Aisha Apr 10, 2019 461 views

How long do i need to study for becoming a police officer?

#police #police-officer #law-enforcement #criminal-justice #politics

Omarion’s Avatar
Omarion May 17 197 views

Will I be canceled out if I choose to do two activities that will take up some time at work?

I raised this question because I am inclined to multitasking. For instance, I used to work at McDonald's, and had to seek for a second job while babysitting and sleeping.

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Oct 26, 2016 4725 views

What year should you start internships for a Computer Science major?

What year in school should you start looking for internships? #computer-science

Fredrick’s Avatar
Fredrick Sep 09 149 views

What type of work environment?

What type of work environment do you have to deal with?

Fran’s Avatar
Fran May 27, 2016 597 views

How many years will I need to get my doctorate in education

I'm heading into education and thinking about getting my doctorate

Fran’s Avatar
Fran May 27, 2016 846 views

How do you feel about being an early childhood education teacher

I'm asking because I've been told that it's not a very rewarding job #educator

Fredrick’s Avatar
Fredrick Sep 09 239 views

Like most/least about this career?

What do you like most/least about this career

Fredrick’s Avatar
Fredrick Sep 09 134 views

What is the salary?

What is the average salary in this career?

Fredrick’s Avatar
Fredrick Sep 09 114 views

How do you start off the day in this career ?

When you start your career how does the day typically start?

set’s Avatar
set May 03, 2019 562 views

Whats the salary for fire fighters?

What do you do in the fire department? How many hours a day do you stay at the fire department? #salary

Melody’s Avatar
Melody Oct 27, 2020 252 views

How to take care of yourself

I feel myself always getting into a funk. With everything that I am doing in college and work I don't have time for myself or to spend time with others. What are some things you do to take care of yourself and not feel guilty about it? #sad

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Apr 18, 2018 691 views

How do you start your own web development business?

I'm sometimes wondering if things would be better if I start my own web development business. What would I need to do in order to get one started. #web-development #small-business

britney’s Avatar
britney Apr 10, 2019 256 views

how much schooling do i need to become a photographer


sydney’s Avatar
sydney Jan 15, 2018 527 views

How do make money while I'm working to meet the requirements for grad school?

I am on the path of becoming a CRNA which is a lot of school and work. After graduating with my BS in nursing I have to work for two years in an ICU but I'm worried I won't even be making enough money to pay for grad school by doing that.


Haley’s Avatar
Haley Jun 13 264 views

Do you enjoy doing this if so why?

Is being a cna difficult?

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Jun 13 305 views

Was it hard to get this far?

After becoming a pharmacy technician , what would lead the path to become a pharmacist?

Haley’s Avatar
Haley Jun 13 142 views

How much time did it take to get where you wanted to be?

I'm asking this question about culinary arts because I want to know if it's worth it.

Emery’s Avatar
Emery Jul 09 96 views

What is information available for a forklift Driver?

What certification is required to drive forklifts? How much room is there for growth in this career? Average yearly salary/hourly wage? What skills fit well with material handling? What is the day to day of a forklift driver?

Emery’s Avatar
Emery Jul 09 128 views

What is information available for a forklift Driver?

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Emery. I am a Job Corps student at the Milwaukee center, and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in Material Handling, and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in...

Julieta’s Avatar
Julieta Jan 14, 2018 450 views

What other degrees will be good to go into a Museum Curator based job?

I want to work in a museum as either a curator or a preservationist but I don't know what employers are specifically looking for
#arthistory #curator #museumstudies #museums-and-institutions

Andrea’s Avatar
Andrea Apr 18, 2018 506 views

How do you keep focus on your classes?

Sometimes I find it hard to focus on my classes when doing online classes. There are so many web sites that I'd like to spend my time on instead of doing homework. How do you stay focused? #College #focus #motivation #study-skills #organization #classes #online-classes

Joel’s Avatar
Joel Aug 31, 2018 588 views

How do you manage your freetime in college?

How do you focus and get what you need to get done? How do you not procrastinate? How to do you have fun and work hard? #helpme #focus #dontprocrastinate

Quincy’s Avatar
Quincy May 03 283 views

How would I become a professional chef.

I'm fairly new into the culinary world, what are some things that can help me get started.

Omarion’s Avatar
Omarion May 17 160 views

What impact will this job have on my life?

I inquired because fashion is important to me. I need to know how much it will effect me in the future, both positively and negatively.

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